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How To Assess Whether A Criminal Defense Attorney Is Any Good?

Being charged with a crime is a horrible ordeal that nobody ever wants to go through. However, in case it does happen to you or any of your loved ones, then it is important to remember to hire an effective Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. Here are the five things you should look out for in a good attorney:

  1. Diligence and Carefulness

The first real sign of a good attorney is how they handle their client once they take up their case. A competent attorney will make sure that their client is being treated fairly and humanely by the justice system and that all their rights are being respected, even if they are in custody. Even though some decisions might go against the client at this juncture, you have to remember that the lawyer will need time to build their case, and the tide may begin to turn soon enough.

  1. Familiarity with the all the parties involved

It is important to note that experienced attorneys have been going to courts for years and in that time, they might become familiar with some members of the prosecution or law enforcement agencies. You might see them fraternizing with what you might assume to be the opposition and you might think to yourself whether your lawyer is truly on your side or not? This friendly behavior is essential for the attorney to get a good deal for their clients, especially if the lawyer has a reputation for being honest and trustworthy. Now, if this behavior is repeated too often, and your attorney seems to be trying to cozy up to the opposing party too much, then that might be a sign of an actual problem. However, this is rarely the case with professional attorneys.

  1. Persisting with the case, regardless of guilt

A capable attorney never cares whether their client is guilty or not. They will truly believe in the age old law that ‘a client is not guilty until proven otherwise’. They will believe in their client’s right to a fair trial and will try to get them the best possible deal, even if they did commit a crime. This does not make the lawyers bad, as they are doing what is best for their clients.

  1. Investigative prowess

In some cases, the prosecution might try to steer their investigation in a certain way so as to get a conviction for the accused party. This is why all good attorneys make sure to go over each and every little detail of the evidence collected by law enforcement agencies and also conduct their own investigations by visiting the crime scene, reviewing all the witnesses as well as all the investigative officers in charge of the case.

  1. Effective communication

Every experienced attorney will remind their clients to always exercise their Fifth Amendment rights and not to communicate with anybody but their lawyers. They will also keep their clients up to date with every little detail about their case and try to answer any queries they might have on the subject as well.

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