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Can I Sue My Cosmetic Surgeon If I Do Not Like My Results?

Cosmetic surgery has gained popularity throughout the years. People can elect to have any part of their body that they are not happy with changed to their liking. Cosmetic surgery has sometimes been viewed as a contradictory operation because a person should embrace the way they were born, but with the advancement in medicine, it has made it possible to change any part in a person’s body that they do not like.

Regardless of it being an elective surgery, the cosmetic surgeon must perform the surgery with a reasonable standard of care. Despite that fact, a patient that does not like how their procedure came out is not necessarily entitled to file a medical malpractice claim against their surgeon. If there is a mistake performed by the surgeon that results in the patient’s injury, then they must show how that injury was caused by negligence.

Cosmetic surgery can fix many physical defects that a person may have on their body and face. This is a procedure that can be beneficial for the patient on a physical level as well as an emotional level. A person’s physical defect can affect them emotionally because they may feel indifferent, which is something that the attorneys in Tampa fully comprehend and try to alleviate their pain. With all of its benefits, cosmetic surgery is still a surgery that poses risks.

Cosmetic Surgeries Behind Medical Malpractice

Below will be listed the surgeries that people undergo the most to improve their physical appearance:

  • Augmentation of the breasts
  • Lifting of the face
  • Lifting of the neck
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Nose Job
  • Botox
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Breast lift, and
  • More

A person’s self-esteem can be greatly improved with any of these surgeries, but if a mistake is committed during any of these procedures, a patient can suffer for the rest of their life. If a patient’s nose job did not come out the size that they were expecting and they want to proceed with a medical malpractice, they will not be allowed. As mentioned before, only when the surgeon is negligent can a medical malpractice case be sought by the injured party.

Trying to Make Appearances Better but an injury Happened

The whole point of going through with a cosmetic surgery is to look better and feel about one’s body. Unfortunately, if the surgery doesn’t come out as planned, the patient cannot just sue the surgeon. There has to have been a negligence from the surgeon’s part. Percy Martinez Law Firm is aware how a defect on a person’s body or face can bring their self-esteem down and go through a cosmetic surgery might be their own solution. For this reason, if a mistake is committed by the surgeon that makes the person look worse than before, then the surgeon needs to be punished for their negligent acts.

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