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DUI Is a Criminal Offense

Interviewer: How are the consequences for a third offense and up?

Aaron: As I always tell my clients, it’s a DUI. It’s a criminal offense. It’s going to set you back. It’s going to take a lot of work to recover from it, but it’s never the end of the world. If you’re getting up to a third offense, then in most cases, you need to work on yourself and to deal with what is probably a pretty major drinking problem.

You can’t help anybody else unless you help yourself first. This is why on a third offense; a lot of people end up doing residential treatment programs. Actually, they can get one of those instead of jail or a combination. But, on a third offense with DMV, if you weren’t on probation, you’re looking at six months of no driving followed by an interlock license for at least the next year and a half.

By Aaron Bortel

Aaron Bortel

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