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Everyone is well aware of the fact that driving is not a piece of cake. None can drive without learning the real rules and practicing it efficiently before going on the roads. A lot of people love to drive especially the girls because driving makes a person independent too. It gives an overwhelming feeling of being able to move from places to places and enjoying journeys on your own. Once a person has the license to drive, he feels the fullest capabilities in himself. The confidence of a person reaches to the seventh sky when he knows that he can be on his own and does not have to ask any can or wait for the driver to pick or drop them. But this is not as easy as it seems like. Nothing which looks like a piece of cake is as sweet. To become a professional driver and the one who does not need anyone’s help while driving, a lot of hardships requires to be crossed.


One can never say no to this question, because it is nearly impossible to not face any accident if you have the car and have been into driving since years or even months. After a thorough research we have found the most likely reason of people getting into accidents. The main reason of people involving in the troubles of the DUI – Driving Under the Influence creates a big mess later. Although, everyone knows the level of danger that comes with driving under the affect of drinks still these cases are seen every now and then. Everyone avoids the situation but sometimes, the last drink which is always thought to be last one, leaves the after effects which is the root and the real cause of the raised problem.

To bring the innocent people who are sure to be seen as not the part animal out of such loops, we have the best place one must contact to come out clean. The Law Firm of Aaron Bortel has the finest and the most experienced attorneys who can take over the case and walk the entire journey with you. We fully understand that any person can be arrested under this issue and that you are not always the illegal driver who drinks and drive. Thus, our expert team is all settled to hear out your issues and deal with them according to their over 26 years of experience so there is a complete surety that everything is sorted in time. As we fully understand that it the 10 days of the start are very crucial and if matters are not taken up in the right hands earlier, things could become real difficult. The license is gone and the major issues begin when the person’s original documents are not with himself.


The team we are equipped with beholds the real professionals who have firm grip over all the legal matters and does give the conformity of the resolution of the case. Most of the attorneys are PMP certified and could even let you know some of the useful PMP exam tips so you could secure your future. So, connect with us and save yourself from any mishap.

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My name is Aaron Bortel. I practice in the state of California. I handle DUI cases exclusively and have been practicing for over 25 years.

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