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In every state, it’s a crime for a driver to operate the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs including the prescription medications. This offense, depending upon the state, is DUI (deriving under the influence, DWI (driving while intoxicated) or term similar to them. A good DUI attorney may try to reduce charges or dismissed case if the evidence of BAC (blood alcohol test) shows impairment. Also, lawyers often negotiate for treatment diversion program and lesser sentences.

Upon the conviction of the DUI, the driving license is likely to be revoked or suspended or may receive some kind of criminal sentence (like a fine, community service, or even jail) depending upon the severity. A DUI attorney represents the person who is arrested and charged with the DWI and DUI. For this conviction, the court process can be quite lengthy. Usually, there are some hearings, the first hearing being at the Department of Motor Vehicles with ending hearing at the State or County Court.

Skills Required and Job Description of DUI Attorney

A DUI attorney is a criminal defense lawyer having specialization in handling the DUI and DWI cases. Often, the majority of the caseload of public defender involves the DUI cases. The DUI attorney is skilled and experienced in the particular DUI laws related to a state in which he/she practices. The primary role of a DUI lawyer is to represent the client in the court, recommend the best actions to take, and explain the charges to the client. In addition to that, all the administrative work involved is also handled by the DUI lawyer.

The client can also plead guilty to the charges imposed but an experienced DUI attorney will endeavor to lessen or dropped most of the charges in the initial process. Such discussions occur during the pre-trial conference. If a client is arrested, the lawyer may file the motion to overthrow the client’s statements. Also, the attorney can also schedule the evidentiary hearing so to uncover the evidence held against the client by the persecution.

During the trial, the attorney help in the selection of the jury. The lawyer gathers expert investigators and witnesses on behalf of the client and also try to expose discrepancies in charges (if any) and the police procedures used to determine them. A DUI attorney must have a wide knowledge and thorough understanding of the DUI laws of the state and strong communication skills to help them in negotiations with the prosecution and informing the clients of their possible options and rights. A DUI attorney must be highly organized because there are many evidentiary details to sort out and have a capability to think critically to enable to finely assess all options on behalf of the client.

Educational Requirements for the DUI Attorney

In order to pursue the profession of DUI attorney, one must have a law degree and have passed the bar exams in the practicing state. The bar exam is the final hurdle to legally practice the law. Many bar exam tips available online helps to crush the bar exam. It is advisable to do the internship or clerkship during the law school with the law firms specific to DUI cases.

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My name is Aaron Bortel. I practice in the state of California. I handle DUI cases exclusively and have been practicing for over 25 years.

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