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How Does An Ignition Interlock Device (IID) Function?

Interviewer: Is an ignition interlock best described as a little breathalyzer in your car that you have to blow into start your car; and blow into periodically to keep your car running?

Aaron: That is correct. Infact, I recently saw a commercial about it. It made the person who needed the device look very embarrassed. It is not something you want to have to deal with. However, it is the future of DUI law in California.

 In fact, there are four counties in California that are now test counties. They are doing about a five-year testing. If you get a first offense DUI in these counties,you are required to install an ignition interlock device in your car, which is an additional penalty.

 They want to see what the recidivism rate is in those counties. I am sure once the study is over, every county in California will require them. The counties are Tulare, Los Angeles, Alameda and Sacramento.

 The tough thing about ignition interlock devices is they have to be in any car that is in your name or that you were driving. You are allowed to drive the employer’s vehicle without an ignition interlock if you have a note in the vehicle from the employer.

 The note must state the employer understands you are required to have an ignition interlock; but the employer is okay with you not having it in their vehicle while you are driving for work.

By Aaron Bortel

Aaron Bortel

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