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How You Are Treated by a Lawyer is Important

Are you considering finding a new attorney for an upcoming case or event? There are many things to consider before shaking hands with your prospective ally. Have you done a quick Internet search of this person? Have you heard good things from former clients? There are many other considerations to bring into question—such as how you are treated by a lawyer.

If you are going through a case, it is important for you to trust your attorney, since they are representing you in court, and essentially helping or hurting your cause. Some telltale signs of a bad lawyer include trying to settle the case just to avoid the litigation process, even if you think it could be fought. When an attorney does something that is not in your best interest, you could risk lots of time, money and other important aspects of your life upon their counsel.

Even if your prospective lawyer seems eager to help, beware of hidden fees that could pop up and drain your wallet. Overbilling can be a popular reason why lawyers are not trusted by any, as some people are billed for phone calls and meetings that never happen. Sometimes when two people from the firm work on your case they may try to bill for both of their time.

Make sure you keep track of your interactions, and read your agreement so you can have an estimate of your charges. Some lawyers may attempt to use the language in the retainer agreement to overcharge. If you suspect this is happening, bring it up with him or her, and if necessary, the state Bar.

Make sure that your lawyer promptly returns your phone calls or emails, and communicates with you about your case. A lawyer who has a poor attitude will create tension, and perhaps become lethargic about your case. Do your research, ask questions, and make sure you have a good feeling when you decide on the lawyer to represent you.

Attorney Ronald B. Laba handles mass-action cases arising from defective drugs and defecetive medical devices.

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My name is Aaron Bortel. I practice in the state of California. I handle DUI cases exclusively and have been practicing for over 25 years.

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