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Injuries Often Associated With Defective Air Bags

This article shares some great advice from Phoenix car accident attorney, Aaron Crane from Cantor Crane regarding injuries from Airbags. Airbags are a safety feature found in most modern cars. In fact, most cars have several airbags located throughout the car to offer added protection during an accident. It is believed that the air bag, when deployed, would provide a layer of cushioning for the driver and passengers, protecting them from serious harm or death.

However, it has been found that airbags often cause more harm than good. Airbags often shoot out shrapnel when they deploy and have been known to malfunction. In recent years, there has also been many injuries caused by the defective airbags manufactured by Takata.

How Do Airbags Cause Injuries?

Airbags are a device that is automatically inflated when a crash occurs. These tightly folded bags are connected to “crash sensors” that go off when an accident happens. Almost instantly, the airbags receive the signal from the sensor and they deploy. When an airbag deploys, it is moving at a speed in excess of 100 miles per hour.

When the airbag explodes out of its container, it has a tendency to send plastic shrapnel flying through the vehicle. This shrapnel can cause injuries to any part of the body that it strikes. The brute force of the airbag expanding so quickly in such a small space also can lead to injuries.

Sensors that malfunction can deploy airbags when the car is moving and not in an accident. Sensors may mechanically fail or something as minor as hitting a large pot hole can cause them to deploy. On the other hand, airbag sensors have also been known not to register an accident and fail to deploy. When this occurs, no protection is given to the passengers of the vehicle during the accident, almost always leading to serious injuries.

Common Airbag Injuries in Car Accidents

The most common injuries associated with airbag deployment include:

• Abrasions and burns caused by the airbag being deployed at such a high rate of speed
• Broken ribs from deployment when the person is sitting to close to the airbag
• Facial injuries from the impact of the airbag
• Skin irritations from the chemicals associated with airbags
• Asthma attack from the chemicals associated with airbags
• Respiratory problems from inhaling the chemicals other than asthma
• Shrapnel injuries from the airbag breaking through the compartment

Other injuries associated with airbag malfunctions include any and all injuries that are received if the airbag does not deploy or does not deploy correctly.

What Should You Do If You Have Been Injured By An Airbag?

If you have been injured by an airbag, you are encouraged to speak with a car accident lawyer in Phoenix about your rights to receive compensation for your injuries and losses. Arizona law provides protection to people who have been injured sue to the negligent act of another person or business. If the airbag was defective, you may also have rights under the defective product laws.

Schedule a consultation with a car accident lawyer in Phoenix to discuss the merits of your case and learn what types of compensation you may be entitled to for your losses. Contact Cantor Crane today at (602) 254-2701.

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