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Spin E-Scooters Might Have A Future In San Francisco

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) recently announced they will not allow local e-scooter rental company Spin to join the city’s pilot program…at least not yet.

Although SFMTA leaders said they weren’t ready to release Spin e-scooters now, they noted that they were impressed by the company’s high standards. In a statement to the press, the SFMTA suggested it might consider working with Spin after the pilot program’s six-month testing phase is completed.

Since October of 2018, the companies Skip and Scoot are the only two allowed to operate in San Francisco. There are currently 625 rentable e-scooters from these two companies spread throughout the city.

At the six-month mark, the SFMTA will review safety data and other logistics to determine whether or not to add more e-scooters. If all goes well, the SFMTA could potentially raise its e-scooter fleet to 2,500.

The Growing Number of E-Scooter Accidents

As e-scooters grow in popularity, so do e-scooter related accidents. Indeed, a recent report out of LA found that more e-scooter users visited local emergency rooms than bicyclists or pedestrians between 2017 and 2018.

The most common injuries e-scooter users suffered included head trauma and fractures. Only about 4 percent of e-scooter riders who were injured were wearing a helmet at the time of their crash.

It’s important to note, however, that as of January 1, 2019, it is now legal in California for e-scooter users over the age of 18 to ride without a helmet.

Charged with a crime on an e-scooter? Call the Law Firm of Aaron Bortel

It should come as no surprise that e-scooters are becoming increasingly common in the Bay Area. The e-scooter industry was born in nearby Santa Monica, and many of the biggest e-scooter companies are headquartered in the Bay Area.

Although e-scooters are a new phenomenon, that doesn’t mean you have no rights when you’re riding one. The laws regulating e-scooters are evolving every day, so it’s important to contact an experienced Bay Area lawyer if you’re involved in an e-scooter crime. People in California have been charged with scooter DUIs and leaving the scene of a scooter accident already and arrests are sure to come from scooter vandalism.

Feel free to give the Law Firm of Aaron Bortel a call at (415) 523-7878 if you’re arrested or ticketed in the Bay Area. Our lawyers will take the time to better understand your legal issues on your free consultation call.

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