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What Are the Consequences If You Choose Not to Contest Your License Suspension?

Interviewer: So, if you don’t fight at this hearing, or you lose it, or you don’t even bother to go, you’re going to have a suspended license. What’s the normal penalty, for say, a first time DUI at different levels of severity? What are the penalties if you lose this hearing?

Aaron: For DMV purposes, what happens on a first offense DUI without a refusal, you’re looking at either no license for four months or a suspended license for 30 days followed by five months of restricted driving. Now, that could be more than five months if you have a high blood alcohol level.

If you’re over a 0.20, you might be looking at nine or ten months restricted driving after one month of no driving. And the timing is important. To get your restricted license, you need to be enrolled in a DUI school, and you need to have additional insurance, SR-22 insurance. So those are things you have to do, and until you do those and DMV has proof of that, your license will stay suspended and you can’t get a restricted license. So it’s important to look at the timing and not be remiss when you’re dealing with these penalties.

By Aaron Bortel

Aaron Bortel

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