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What Should I Do If I Am Arrested For DUI Or Drunk Driving?

What Should I Do If I Am Arrested For DUI Or Drunk Driving?

If you have been arrested for DUI or drunk driving your brain is probably racing with thoughts. You may feel anxious and worried about what’s next and concerned about your reputation and your future, and of course—the possibility of jail time. No one wants to be in this position, nonetheless a staggering number of DUI and drunk driving arrests are made in the state of California every year.

If you’re arrested for a drunk driving offense, your first action should be to contact a skilled, seasoned DUI defense attorney. From the moment you’re arrested, the judicial system with its sweeping power will be working to put you in jail, revoke your license, and assign significant financial penalties.

You’ll need an experienced DUI defense attorney to help you navigate every complex step that happens, from the minute you are brought in and booked, all the way through your case dismissal or trial. The Law Firm of Aaron Bortel has more than 26-years experience; call today and let us get to work fighting your arrest immediately. The state’s prosecution will be working hard to prosecute you; level the playing field by hiring a seasoned DUI attorney.

A skilled DUI attorney can negotiate with the prosecution right from the start and in some cases may be able to minimize, reduce, or even avoid certain DUI penalties, possibly even keep your arrest from becoming a conviction. If a trial is necessary, a seasoned DUI attorney will initiate a full investigation of all the events that led to your arrest. Oftentimes there are police procedure errors that violate citizens’ rights, and these could be grounds for dismissal of a case. Additionally, blood alcohol content or Breathalyzer tests could be inaccurate or could have been administered improperly.

Many steps occur between the time police pull you over, all through your booking, and on until you are finally released on bond. Thus, there are many points throughout the process that your rights could have been violated or police errors could have occurred, and if there is a violation or mistake, a skilled DUI attorney will find it. If you have been arrested for drunk driving or DUI, call us right away and we’ll get to work fighting to protect you and your rights, so you can return to your normal life as soon as possible.

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