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Solely Practicing DUI Defense In Marin County

There’s a lot more science involved in this type of an offense. We’re talking about people being accused of crime based on officer observations and results from chemical tests.

And going back to your original question of why DUI defense, well, this is complex science and not every attorney is equipped to defend someone going deep into the science.

I can confidently say that I am. A number of other very experienced DUI attorneys are, but it’s not just something that any general criminal defense attorney can do. I felt the need to specialize in DUI defense and I have been training in this field.

With a blood test, for instance, the result that they get is not necessarily what your blood alcohol level was at the time you were driving. With a breath test, you are doing a conversion. This conversion is a mathematical conversion from breath to blood. Something that is not generally known is that everyone has a different metabolism.

I have the machines that many of the police departments use in my office. I feel that I have become one of the top DUI defense attorneys in northern California because I have spent so much time focusing on this type of a case, the defenses that go along with it and I feel very equipped to defend my clients.

By Aaron Bortel

Aaron Bortel

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