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Someone very close to me chose Aaron to represent him for a DUI. He had interviewed several of San Francisco’s best DUI/criminal defense attorneys before settling...More Testimonials

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Why I focus on DUI (driving under the influence)
for alcohol and/or drugs

Ever since I can remember I have stuck up for the rights of those accused of anything. Being a criminal defense attorney gives me the forum to defend my fellow citizen’s constitutional rights; these rights are of ultimate importance in our country. Someone has to draw the line between what police officers can do and can’t do. That is the job of the criminal defense attorney.

After a number of years of defending people accused of crimes, I realized that to be the best DUI defense attorney possible, I needed to focus on just DUI defense and those accused of driving offenses and that’s what I’ve done for many years. My experience and knowledge has afforded me the opportunity to practice at the top of my field.

Aaron Bortel’s Experience

I have been practicing for 20 years handling criminal defense and DUI defense and i have handled about 2000 DUI cases.

A lot of DUI cases that I have handled, range from first offense DUI, first offense misdemeanor DUIs, to second, third, and fourth offense. Once you get into a fourth offense and that’s offenses within ten years of each other, can be charged as a felony. So, I handle felony DUIs, or if there’s an injury accident that is often charged as a felony DUI and I’ve been handling those types of DUIs for 20 years.

I also do a hearing on most of my DUI cases. And I’ve been on the verge of trial I don’t know how many times. Usually the reason that a case does not go to trial is the prosecution is willing to reduce the charges or dismiss the case. When I say reduce the charges, reduce them to something that my client wants to take instead of going to trial.

In most cases that would be something reduced to a charge of non-alcohol related reckless driving.

By Aaron Bortel