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35-Year-Old Santa Rosa Charged With Murder In A Fatal Sunday Night Collision

SANTA ROSA – According to the authorities, 35-year-old Logologoa Taumaloto Tevaseu has been charged with murder for causing an accident on Sonoma County’s Lakeville Highway. The accident occurred on Sunday around 9:10 p.m. and Tevaseu was taken into custody for the multi-vehicle accident. Tevaseu was behind the wheel of his 2006 Dodge Ram truck and was travelling in the southbound lanes when he crossed the double yellow and started to illegally pass cars. His car hit a white Toyota Corolla head-on, which was being driven by 21-year-old Paulette Geronimo Quiba who died in the accident. 3 other cars also collided… Read More

33-Year-Old San Bruno Woman Arrested On Suspicion Of DUI

SAN BRUNO – On Tuesday night, 33-year-old Mariana Laurian-Calderon was taken into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and child endangerment as she was travelling with 2 kids in the back seat of the car. Laurian-Calderon was stopped near the intersection of Angus Avenue and the El Camino Real at about 11 p.m. on Halloween night. She was booked into the San Mateo County Jail after San Bruno cops observed that she was drunk. It is not confirmed if she is the mother of the kids travelling in her vehicle and it has also not been… Read More

Pedestrian Seriously Injured In San Francisco Crash

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO – According to police reports, a pedestrian, who was involved in an accident, is recovering from major injuries he sustained in a suspected drunken driving accident that took place early Sunday morning in South San Francisco. The pedestrian was moving in the No. 2 lane when the crash took place. The driver of the vehicle who hit the pedestrian was identified as Staubitz who drove off after the collision. However, he returned to the accident spot a few minutes later and admitted to being involved in the incident. Staubitz was arrested on suspicion of driving under the… Read More

Royals Pitcher Danny Duffy Was Charged And Arrested For DUI

Danny Duffy, the Royals pitcher, was charged with DUI on Sunday. The Overland Park municipal court records show that Duffy was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol at about 7:35pm. He was sleeping with the engine of the vehicle turned on in the drive-through at a Burger King and his foot was on the brake when one of the employees saw him and called the cops. On hearing sirens of the police patrol, he immediately jumped in the passenger seat and tried to force a customer to sit in the driver’s seat to show that he was not… Read More

Oakland Police Officer Arrested On Suspicion Of Driving Under The Influence And Resisting Arrest

PLEASANTON – Alameda County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the arrest of 37-year-old Officer Bryan Budgin who was taken into custody on suspicion of DUI and resisting arrest on Interstate Highway 580 in Dublin Wednesday night. The officer was going eastbound on Highway 580 at San Ramon Road when he was pulled over and arrested around 11:50 p.m. A statement released by the Oakland Police Department mentioned that the department “is aware of his arrest.” It is not yet confirmed by officials if Budgin is on active duty or has been placed on administrative leave. However, the department confirmed, “Officer Budgin is… Read More

San Francisco Man Arrested After Allegedly Crashing His Vehicle Into Parked Car

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Early Saturday morning, 28-year-old Albert Lopez of South San Francisco was taken into custody by the police after he allegedly crashed his car into another car that was parked. The cops were reported about the crash around 3 a.m. after which the police and fire crews were dispatched to the 1500 block of Hillside Boulevard. On approaching the spot, they found a parked car that was hit by another car. The police started the investigation which showed that the person behind the wheel of the vehicle was intoxicated. He was taken into custody on suspicion… Read More

7-Year-Old San Bruno Woman Arrested For DUI After Crash With Child In Lap

SAN BRUO – According to the police, a 47-year-old woman was taken into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and child endangerment after crashing into some parked vehicles as she was behind the wheel with a child in her lap. The accident happened on Sunday in San Bruno at around 10:48 p.m. The location of the accident was 2200 block of Evergreen Drive. A person who saw the accident happening live told the cops that the woman in a white SUV, with a small child sitting in her lap, crashed into the vehicles. The woman escaped… Read More

San Francisco Man Arrested For Alleged DUI After Crashing Into Pole

SAN BRUNO, CA – 33-year-old Jonkenneth Salangsang, a San Francisco resident, was arrested early Sunday morning in San Bruno on suspicion of DUI after he crashed his vehicle into a traffic signal pole. When officers arrived at the intersection of Sneath Lane and Engvall Court at 4:41 a.m., they found that Salangsang had crashed into the pole while driving west on Sneath Lane. Salangsang was taken to a hospital where investigators determined that he was driving under the influence of a controlled substance. The San Mateo County District Attorney was asked to press charged against Salangsang. Anyone with information about… Read More

Suspected Drunken Driver Arrested In South San Francisco Hit And Run

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO – A drunken driving suspect was arrested by the police who hit another vehicle in broad day light, took off, but later returned back at the crash scene. A report of a hit-and-run collision was made around 4:30 pm Saturday to the police, and officers soon responded. When they arrived at South Spruce Avenue and North Canal Street, they found a damaged car which was occupied by an injured driver. The car that caused the accident was nowhere to be found. The injured driver was evaluated by paramedics. However, details of his condition were not immediately released.… Read More

San Mateo Nanny Arrested On Suspicion Of Driving Under The Influence After Crashing Into Belmont Schoolyard

BELMONT – According to the police, a San Mateo woman has been taken into custody in Belmont on suspicion of DUI after her vehicle hit a fence of the school due to which a kid sustained injuries. Belmont police reported about the accident at around 3:06 p.m. The cops were told that a vehicle had hit a child at Cipriani Elementary School, located at 2525 Buena Vista Ave. The vehicle stopped after hitting a fence near the building of the school. When the cops approached the accident spot along the fire crew, they saw a Toyota Corolla that had driven… Read More