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Local Chef And Restaurateur Michael Chiarello Arrested For DUI

Local chef and restaurateur, 54-year-old Michael Chiarello, was arrested Wednesday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence. According to officials, he also faced additional charges including possession of a controlled substance. The type of drug found on Chiarello could not be immediately identified and an investigation is ongoing. The incident took place around 3:27 a.m. at Yountville Cross Road and Silverado Trail near Yountville when Chiarello was pulled over and arrested by a California Highway Patrol officer. He was… Read More

Suspected DUI Driver Kills Petaluma Pedestrian

PETALUMA – On Saturday night, a 42-year-old pedestrian died while crossing a street when a DUI driver hit him. Police told that the accident happened at about 10:55 p.m. Cops were sent to investigate the accident involving a pedestrian near the Petaluma Library on East Washington Street and Fairgrounds Drive. The cops found a man lying in the roadway and a white Mercedes utility van was stopped in the center of the road. The victim sustained life threatening injuries in… Read More

San Jose Driver Arrested After Suspected DUI Collision Kills Cyclist In San Jose

SAN JOSE – 26-year-old Taylor Hildreth of San Jose was arrested Thursday night after a suspected DUI crash that killed a bicyclist in San Jose. The incident took place in San Jose at around 9:41 p.m. at Auzerais Avenue and Drake Street. A preliminary investigation showed that the driver was driving a white 2005 Dodge west on Auzerais Avenue. The motorist allegedly drifted into the bike lane on the right, before he clipped a van and hit the cyclist. The… Read More

Driver Arrested After Two CHP Officers Hurt In Suspected DUI Crash In Lakeside

In an incident, a suspected drunken driver collided with a patrol car in Lakeside, hurting two California Highway Patrol officers as a result. The incident took place at the intersection of Los Coches Road. As the officers were driving through the intersection, a suspected drunken driver ran a red light on Julian Avenue. The incident took place at about 1 a.m. Friday. The officers were rushed to a local hospital and they had been released from the hospital by 6:30… Read More

62-Year-Old Woman Seriously Injured In Suspected DUI Crash

On Thursday, 2 deadly accidents happened and a 62-year-old woman was critically injured in one of them. Police said that the accidents were not linked which involved rolled over vehicles and occurred in San Francisco’s Mission District. Cops approached the accident spot at about 3 p.m. that happened near Mission and 15th streets. They found a crashed SUV on the location. The SUV had hit 6 parked motor vehicles before it rolled over. The woman who sustained serious injuries was… Read More

Bill Requiring Breathalyzers DUI Offenders Goes To Gov. Jerry Brown’s Desk

SAN FRANCISCO – A bill that will make installation of breathalyzer devices mandatory in motor vehicles driven by DUI offenders to get their driving license back has been sent to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk. On Thursday, SB1046 by State Senator Jerry Hill was passed by the State Senate 39-0. According to him, the purpose of introducing the bill was not complex. “This will keep drunk drivers off the road,” he said. The Assembly approved the bill by a vote of… Read More

Man arrested for DUI for nearly hitting pedestrian after driving onto sidewalk

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO – 53-year-old William Arnold Aguero of South San Francisco was arrested Wednesday morning on the suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. According to police reports, he drove onto a sidewalk, nearly hitting a pedestrian in the process. The incident took place around 7:15 am at the intersection of King and Newman drives where officers and paramedics were called. They received a report of a car which was partially blocking a sidewalk with the engine running…. Read More

San Francisco Man Suspected Of DUI Arrested Wednesday Night

OAKLAND – According to the police, 37-year-old Opara Green, suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol, was taken into custody Wednesday night after he drove onto the BART tracks which caused major delays system wide and problems for the commuters. BART police Lt. Randy Gregson told that when Green was taken into custody, his Blood Alcohol Content level was 0.16 percent which is almost double the legal limit allowed for driving in the state. The incident happened at about… Read More

San Francisco would pay nearly $5 million to settle a firefighter DUI collision lawsuit

SAN FRANCISCO – San Francisco is willing to pay nearly $5 million to settle a lawsuit filed by a man who sustained injuries in an accident caused by a firefighter who was driving a fire truck while under the influence of an intoxicant. Back in October 2013, Jack Frazier filed suit against the city after an accident involving a fire truck in the city’s South of Market neighborhood. The incident happened on 29th of June 2013 when he suffered critical… Read More

Horrific DUI Crash In South San Francisco Leaves Two People Dead

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – According to authorities, a teenage driver is behind bars for causing a horrific crash in South San Francisco Friday night that left two young people citalopram online no prescription 19-year-old Joshua Maldonado of Brisbane was driving the Honda Civic while intoxicated when the incident took ventolin generic over the counter He was not seriously injured in the crash. The two victims were identified as 21-year-old Gabe Maldonado, who was the driver’s brother. The… Read More

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