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Man arrested for DUI for nearly hitting pedestrian after driving onto sidewalk

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO – 53-year-old William Arnold Aguero of South San Francisco was arrested Wednesday morning on the suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. According to police reports, he drove onto a sidewalk, nearly hitting a pedestrian in the process.

The incident took place around 7:15 am at the intersection of King and Newman drives where officers and paramedics were called. They received a report of a car which was partially blocking a sidewalk with the engine running. The driver was passed out behind the wheel.

When police arrived, they tried to wake the driver who didn’t wake up right away. He was so intoxicated that he needed help when officers removed him from the vehicle. According to witnesses, Aguero nearly hit a pedestrian when he drove onto the sidewalk.

Aguero was taken to a hospital where he was checked. He was later booked into San Mateo County Jail for driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to police, Aguero is on the department’s “DUI hot list.” He has several DUI convictions and is a repeat offender with a suspended license.


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