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Bill Requiring Breathalyzers DUI Offenders Goes To Gov. Jerry Brown’s Desk

SAN FRANCISCO – A bill that will make installation of breathalyzer devices mandatory in motor vehicles driven by DUI offenders to get their driving license back has been sent to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk.

On Thursday, SB1046 by State Senator Jerry Hill was passed by the State Senate 39-0. According to him, the purpose of introducing the bill was not complex. “This will keep drunk drivers off the road,” he said.

The Assembly approved the bill by a vote of 79-0 on Tuesday.

For the 1st time, DUI offenders will be given some space and they will be handled leniently, but only those who didn’t cause any injury. A judge will decide whether the offender requires installation of a breathalyzer in such cases.

However, for repeat DUI offenders, the legislation requires an ignition interlock device would be mandatory, but the period of time for which it needs to be in the vehicle will vary from one to three years.

If Brown signs the law, it will be implemented in 2019.

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