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Auto-Brewery Syndrome: A Schematic for Diagnosis and Appropriate Treatment

Auto-Brewery Syndrome (ABS), also called Gut Fermentation Syndrome, is a rare, underdiagnosed medical condition. This is caused by fermentation of ingested carbohydrate by gut fungi resulting in endogenous production of ethanol. Though this syndrome has been described in the medical literature for over 50 years, it still remains misunderstood with limited information regarding diagnosis and treatment. The presenting symptoms and signs of ABS can be protean and mimic other clinical entities. This can make diagnosing this condition challenging. We propose the following schematic for diagnosing and treating this unusual entity based on our ongoing study of ABS patients. The initial step in confirming this diagnosis is a standardized carbohydrate challenge test which we have devised and studied in our ongoing cohort of ABS patients. Read More

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