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What Is Considered As Uncooperative Behavior During A Traffic Stop?

Uncooperative behavior can mean anything when you do not follow orders from law enforcement if you are pulled over. For example, in a DUI if that person is pulled over and they do not roll down their window when asked to by the police. That is considered uncooperative behavior. Uncooperative behavior is not answering any questions at all, even about your own identification. Poor attitude towards law enforcement is not a good idea. It often leads to arrest and it often leads to a refusal. I have had situations where clients talk too much due to intoxication or sometimes mental health issues are possible.

They will repeat themselves over and over again. I have seen people do things like demonstrate that they can do what they think in a field sobriety test. There are a lot of different ways that people can be uncooperative. Of course, there are the extreme ways that officers consider poor behavior, such as resisting arrest or assaulting a police officer, and being physical or threatening to any officer. Then there is also a charge of giving false information to a police officer.

How Does It Affect Someone’s Case If They Are Deemed To Be Uncooperative?

I do not see that very often, most folks are cooperative for the majority of cases. That does not help me in negotiating if someone has a poor attitude towards the police because it is just one more thing that they can hold against my client. In a lot of cases I can enter negotiations with the DA and let them know about the positives about my client.

I like to personalize all my clients. Unfortunately, there can be too much of a bad attitude, but we need to stress that must people are good people and give back to the community. We can show how someone has never been in any trouble before, and how they have a clean driving record, their job, their family, their responsibilities, their non-profit work, and the work they have done in helping out police. There are all sorts of things that I can use to personalize a crime. Sometimes, if I feel that something is needed or helpful, I will ask the client to put together a list of those things to help themselves.

When someone has been uncooperative, it makes it tougher to say all the good things I want to about that client. I even had clients making racist remarks to minority police officers. You do not get much love from the prosecutor in a case like that. Every case is different and for someone to be cooperative is usually more helpful than not.

How Soon Can Someone Actually Get An Attorney Involved In A DUI Case?

What happens is as soon as someone is released from jail they can make and try to retain an attorney. I get called all the time from people who have just been released from jail. There is really not a lot an attorney can do at that very moment.

However once they have been detained and are going through the process, they are not going to get to talk to a lawyer.

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