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Do People Assume They Have to Plead Guilty When Charged With A DUI?

Many people assume that if they were drinking prior to being arrested for DUI, then there is no recourse for them, and they might as well plead guilty to the DUI without obtaining representation by a lawyer. However, in almost every DUI case in the Bay Area, the penalties will be greater when the case is not handled by an experienced DUI lawyer. The lawyer chosen should focus primarily on DUI defense and should have experience handling DUI cases in the superior court and with the local department of motor vehicles (DMV). In order to prevent the suspension of a driver’s license following a DUI charge, it is necessary to obtain a lawyer who can conduct an investigation and go through all of the necessary motions. In the absence of a lawyer, it is far easy for the DMV to suspend or revoke a person’s driver’s license for at least four to six months. A good DUI lawyer who knows what they’re doing can help a person to avoid the interruption of having their driving privileges taken away.

In addition to a license suspension, a person who is facing a DUI charge runs the risk of having a permanent mark on their criminal record. Depending on the circumstances, a DUI can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony, and some counties charge every DUI involving a minor injury as a felony. There are many reasons why maintaining a clean criminal record is important, such as for the purposes of employment, background checks, insurance rates, and traveling to Canada. In addition, there are more than 300 professional licenses that can be jeopardized by a DUI conviction.

Every DUI case and every person charged with DUI is unique. Some people will need to enter a residential treatment program, undergo day treatment, or attend a certain number of AA meetings per week, while others will not need to take these steps. With that said, anyone who feels they have a problem with alcohol should attend AA meetings at the very least. A good DUI lawyer will have many connections in the community, which can serve as a benefit to clients who need certain resources. A good DUI lawyer will also be able to advise their clients on the pros and cons of taking a DUI case to trial, argue for a lesser charge on their behalf, and ultimately save them a lot of money. I can’t stress enough the importance of looking for the best DUI lawyer in the area.

For many clients, facing a DUI charge is the worst thing that will ever happen to them. The DUI lawyer chosen should have experience working in the local courts and DMV, a good reputation, positive reviews from past clients, and the time and resources to provide each DUI case with the attention it deserves. If the first thing a lawyer talks about is the cost of their services and how they will be paid, then it’s unlikely that they truly care about addressing the potential client’s needs. Before I am even able to tell a client how much it will cost for me to represent them, I have to thoroughly review their case so that I do not overcharge or undercharge them.

A person’s life can be forever affected by the choices they make when facing a DUI charge. Even if a lawyer is ultimately unable to get a DUI case dismissed, they can help a person save money, prevent the suspension of their license, and allow them to continue living their life with as few interruptions as possible.

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