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DUI Charges And Procedures In San Francisco

A man holding a beer bottle while driving a carIn this article, you can discover:

  • Why officers might suspect DUI: erratic driving, alcohol presence, time, and location.
  • The legal requirement for chemical testing post-arrest and the consequences of refusal.
  • Steps to find a family member who was arrested for DUI and hire legal representation.
Why Would An Officer Suspect That A Person Is Driving Under The Influence?

In the San Francisco Bay area, a police officer might suspect a person of driving under the influence (DUI) for various reasons. Officers, especially those from the California Highway Patrol who patrol the highways and freeways, are trained to treat every vehicle code violation as a potential DUI case. This includes routine safety concerns, such as pulling over vehicles potentially carrying weapons.

However, specific indicators, such as a broken taillight, failure to signal, weaving, erratic driving, and inconsistency in speed, often raise their suspicion. Additionally, the time of the evening, the presence of alcohol in the car, or departing from known bar areas can contribute to this suspicion.

Furthermore, police often receive calls reporting poor or dangerous driving, leading to investigations. In some cases, they might even track a vehicle to a residence based on a license plate number reported in such calls.

Do I Have To Submit To Chemical Testing?

In California, including the San Francisco Bay area, if you are arrested for DUI, you are legally required to submit to chemical testing. This could be a breath or blood test, with the latter being more common if drug use is suspected. Officers will inform you of this requirement upon arrest.

Refusal to comply can lead to enforced compliance through a warrant, potentially involving physical restraint for blood extraction. Non-compliance can result in severe consequences, such as losing your driver’s license for a year or more, depending on your DUI and DMV history.

How Can I Find My Family Member Who Was Just Arrested For DUI In San Francisco?

If a family member is arrested for DUI in San Francisco, they are likely to be taken to a local police station or directly to jail. They are often held until the next morning, making immediate contact difficult.

To locate someone in custody, you can use the San Francisco Sheriff’s website where you input the first few letters of the person’s first and last names. Additionally, you can call the jail’s intake and release number (415-553-1430) for further information.

Can I Hire Your Firm On Behalf Of My Family Member Or Friend Who Was Arrested For DUI In San Francisco?

Yes, it is common for friends and family to hire our firm for someone arrested for DUI. However, it is crucial to understand that our agreement and duty are to the client, not the person financing the representation. Our actions are bound by what is in the best interest of our client.

This is outlined in a written contract, requiring the client’s signature. While financial support from friends or family is often helpful, they must recognize that they cannot dictate the course of representation. Although issues rarely arise in such arrangements, it’s important to be aware of these boundaries to avoid potential complications.

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