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Everything You Didn’t Know You Needed To Know About Remote DUI School In California

Everything You Didn’t Know You Needed To Know About Remote DUI School In California Lawyer, San Francisco CityThis article will tell you everything you need to know about remote DUI school in Marin County California, including:

  • How to enroll in remote DUI School programs after a DUI conviction,
  • The duration of DUI programs in Marin County and California for various convictions,
  • How to choose a remote DUI program and how much they will cost you,
Why Might I Want, Or Need, To Enroll In A Remote DUI School?

If you get a DUI in Marin County, California, or anywhere in the San Francisco Bay area, you will almost certainly have to attend some form of DUI School as part of your punishment/rehabilitation. It used to be that these were exclusively offered in person, but since COVID-19 changed everything, many DUI programs are now conducted virtually, remotely, over platforms like Zoom.

For practical reasons or physical constraints (you might not be able to drive after all!) you may want to opt to do these rehabilitation and education programs via remote DUI schools instead of doing them in person.

In most counties, you will automatically be able to do so, even via schools that are located outside the county. Some counties, however, like San Mateo County or Sonoma, will require court permission to be able to do so, though it is virtually never denied.

How Do I Enroll In A Remote DUI School In Marin County, California?

In Marin County, however, all you have to do is call up a DUI school, email them, or have your DUI attorney contact them directly. They will set an intake appointment which may or may not be conducted online.

Some schools still require prospective “students” to do their intake in person, while others have moved to entirely remote access. Make sure you know what they will expect, especially if you are unable to easily get there, or are choosing an out-of-county DUI school.

It takes about a month, four or five weeks usually, for most of these remote DUI schools to enroll you. So if it looks like you’re going to need to do a DUI school your attorney may recommend that you enroll early and help you do so to shave time off the duration of your potential suspension or restriction. This will be especially relevant if you had a dangerously high alcohol level and/or end up with one of the longer driving suspensions.

Talking to your DUI-specialized lawyer is a great way to find schools with better reputations, easier intake, faster processing time, and more appreciated instructors.

How Long Does A Remote DUI School Program Take In Marin County?

The duration of your DUI school program, remote or otherwise, depends on the court or DMV hearing’s decision after your condemnation and often varies with the seriousness of the charges.

The standard length for most DUI programs is three months, matching the basic suspension. This works out to be about 30 or 32 hours in total. That would be the usual length of program required after a first-time DUI offense.

If, with the help of your DUI defense attorney you were able to get what we call a “wet and reckless”, a lesser charge, sometimes you will end up needing to do only a 12 hour DUI school program. Assuming you and your attorney can win at the DMV administrative per se hearing, which is tough to do. But that would be the shortest possible time.

There is also a six-month school, which Marin County typically does not order. What generally happens is that if you had a blood-alcohol level at or above 0.20, part of the negotiated plea with the DA’s office will be that you do the nine-month school, which is twice as many hours. Which works out to be only around 60 hours, rather than three times the 30-hour 3-month period like one might expect.

If you are facing a second offense, or have a past DUI within 10 years, you will most likely be required to do the 18-month school program. Generally, this means meeting once a week for a year and then once a month for the next six months after that.

Are Remote DUI Schools In California And Marin County Accredited?

All of the DUI Schools, remote or otherwise, have to be accredited by the state of California. There are schools that you may find that are out of state. You do not want those as they are not going to be accredited with California.

But in Marin County, for example, you do not actually have to do the DUI school in Marin County. In fact, the one in Marin County is very poorly regarded due to a poor track record of performance and customer service, notably during the Covid-19 pandemic.

But it, and any DUI schools operating within California remote or otherwise, have to be accredited; they all have to follow the rules that the state, via the California Department of Healthcare Services, puts out.

Can I Attend A Remote DUI School In Marin County If I Live Outside The Area?

Just as you do not have to do the DUI school in Marin County if you get convicted of a DUI in Marin County, you can also do the DUI school in Marin County if you were convicted or live outside it.

However, given the reputation of the DUI school in Marin County, based on their track record and lack of customer service and caring about people, it is not one that would generally be recommended. It has a horrible reputation.

They dropped the ball during the pandemic, so until they redeem themselves, their only real virtue is that they offer the course online. There are other schools in the San Francisco Bay area where you can do the intake remotely, others will make you come in for the intake even if the rest of the program is remote on Zoom.

Regardless of whether you choose the DUI school in Marin County or in some other Bay Area, San Francisco Bay area, counties, if it is not the one you were charged and convicted in or live in, you will have to get a referral to do it in another county or let the court know which county you’re doing it in. As long as you do so it will typically be fine to do it in any county.

How Much Does A DUI School In Marin County Cost?

For the standard DUI School program, which is a 3-month, 30-32 hour program you will typically have to pay around $700. It is more or less the same in most of the San Francisco Bay area counties.

Each county regulates how much it will cost, and they are all very close to $700. Some might be a little bit less, some might be a little bit more. Now, if you have to do a 9-month school or an 18-month school, you will obviously have to pay more. If you only have to do a 12-hour school on the other hand, it will clearly cost less. The school will tell you exactly how much it might be, though sometimes you can find the information on their websites.

Given how similar the prices are, it can be difficult to know how to choose your DUI school. That is where having the advice and contacts of an experienced and specialized DUI attorney can come into play. Not only will they know exactly who to go to, and why, but they might even be able to get you in faster, speeding up the whole process.

With the guidance of a skilled attorney for DUI Law Cases, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing an expert is on your side. For more information on DUI Defense Law in San Francisco and Marin County, a free initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (415) 523-7878 today.

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