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How To Get Your DUI Reduced To A Lesser Charge In California

How To Get Your DUI Reduced To A Lesser Charge In CaliforniaIs It Possible To Get My DUI Charge Reduced Or Dropped In Sonoma County Or Other Bay Area Counties

From the day that you are formally charged, there are various ways that we can try and get your case dismissed or get your charges reduced – but this is often very difficult to do.

One way that we can try to get your case dismissed is to file motions to suppress evidence that suggests that law enforcement didn’t have just cause to arrest you for a DUI. Then, we bring your case before a judge and have a hearing for those motions to suppress.

Other methods we can try are to show that there’s not enough evidence to convict you of the charge, or that there are problems with the evidence in the case against you.

How Often Are DUI Charges Dismissed In California?

In most cases, DUI charges get reduced – not dismissed. Sonoma County and other counties are very tough with DUIs, even with misdemeanor DUIs. So, you’ve got to usually have an increfdibly low blood alcohol level to get a DUI charge reduced, and usually, no accident is involved in the incident if the charge is eligible to be reduced.

However, in other counties such as Alameda and San Francisco, DUI charges are more likely to be reduced. The DA offices in these municipalities tend to pick their battles and prefer to see people get rehabilitation and help for their substance abuse problems.

How Do You Get A DUI Charge Dismissed In California?

We can always go to trial to try and get the case dismissed in front of a jury, which is the best way to do it, but that’s always the client’s choice.

Our job is to help guide clients through the drunk driving defense process and let them choose their best path forward. After we’ve discussed options with the client, we let them decide whether to go to trial or take a plea deal.

Just know that cases can get dismissed, and charges can get reduced. The best chance of this happening for you is by hiring the best DUI lawyer you can find in the county where your DUI occurred. This lawyer should be experienced and know DUI laws and have experience in court with the DMV.

Any lawyer can say that they defend DUI cases – but to see your charges dropped, you need someone extremely experienced and focused on DUI defense in California.

With the guidance of a skilled attorney for DUI Defense Law In San Francisco, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we’ll make it look easy.

For more information on the Reduction Of DUI To A Lesser Charge In CA, a free initial consultation is your next step. Get the information and legal answers you see by calling our office today at (415) 523-7878.

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