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How Is The Bond Amount Set?

The bond would typically be $5,000 on each DUI charge, which could be considered a typical DUI bond. They would either require that the person put the whole thing up or they could use a bail bondsmen who would usually charge the person 10 percent. A lot of bail bondsmen charge only 8 percent if the person was referred to them by an attorney, whereas some of them would lower it to around 7 percent. We would typically be talking about 7 to 10 percent being just hundreds of dollars, so it would typically be a fairly easy to get on a bond.

Are There Any Release Conditions To Be Met On A Bond?

The person would not need to worry about misdemeanors to the extent they would need to worry about felonies. Felony bonds typically involve the person not being allowed to leave the state. The bail bondsmen would mainly be concerned with the person showing up for court, so they would want the person to check in or they would want to know the new court date. They may give the person a call the night before or a couple of days beforehand to remind them that they had a court date, because their bond is on the line.

Would Someone Have To Abstain From Alcohol As A Condition Of Bail?

This would not be part of the bail bonds between the person and bond company if they were being bailed out, but instead it would be a condition that the court could put on the person’s release. The person would usually be able to bail out before they had to go to court and that would usually be the night the person was arrested or the next day before they went to court.

Once they did go to court, the judge would be able to put conditions on the district attorney’s office and if it was not the person’s first offense DUI, if they had multiple offenses or if they had a really high blood alcohol level or if there were injuries or accidents and things like, then they may ask for additional conditions depending on the county. Those conditions might involve doing things like attending AA meetings while the case was going on.

They would sometimes ask or require the person to do alcohol testing, which could mean going into a probation office and testing once a week to see if the person was doing alcohol or drugs. The person might also be required to wear an ankle monitor, which would monitor whether or not the person was consuming alcohol so they would not be allowed to drink alcohol. This is one way the person could be charged.

They may require the person to be in an in-residential treatment, especially if they were a multiple offender. If the person agreed to that, they might have a high bail if their attorney could work out something with the judge and the DA that may work to get them out of jail in those situations.

Bail for DUI cases can end up being huge amounts if it involved multiple offenses and injuries and the bail conditions that are put on would usually be much more intense if it was a more serious case.

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