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If A DUI Is All About Paying Fines And Dealing With Court Procedures, Why Is Hiring An Attorney Crucial For My Case?

People generally think, “A DUI is going to cost me $10,000. What does it matter if I have a lawyer or not?” Everybody has a different situation that they face and a different type of penalty depending on what county they are in, what they do, who they are, what their prior history looks like and what their future looks like. So everyone needs to find the right attorney for them. People want to find the best DUI lawyer in the county they live in or who practices in the county where they were arrested. They should interview at least one or two or more but not too many because then you start getting confused.

Find the top DUI lawyers in the county and talk to them. Find out about their experience and how they can help you because you want a lawyer. Whether you think you’re guilty and you have no chance; that you should just throw yourself at the mercy of the court but you want a lawyer. You need a lawyer. You need the best lawyer that you can get. There are so many reasons why you want to have someone who can protect you in this complex legal system. You never know whether your case can be won or lost, you never know whether the charges can get reduced, penalties may get reduced or you could beat the actually case or the charges against you. They could be DUI charges, hit and run charges, excessively high alcohol charges, refusing a chemical test charge or prior convictions.

Many People May Opt For a Public Defender or Self-Representation in a DUI Case

There are so many different areas where a very good DUI lawyer can help you, and you never know unless you try. A lot of people may opt for a public defender or self-representation. There are some good public defenders out there but most of them are nowhere near as experienced or qualified as a seasoned DUI defense attorney. They look at what’s at stake for somebody, and everybody has a different situation. Many are very similar, let’s say you work for a company. It could be an executive job or a lower-level job. You work for someone else, which means that at some point when they sell the company or move you to a different branch or when you go to get another job somewhere else or somewhere within the company, your background is going to get checked.

They are going to look at it and see that you got arrested for DUI. Hopefully they are not going to see that you got convicted of a DUI. But if you do not get a lawyer, in almost every case you are going to get convicted of DUI. You need the best lawyer that you can find. That doesn’t mean the best lawyer that you can afford because not all attorneys are going to charge you amounts that are off the charts. Some will and usually those are the ones in the fancy downtown offices, the bigger firms. In fact, a lot of those lawyers don’t focus on just DUI law. They have someone in house that does it and they charge a lot of money. You want to hire a lawyer who really gives you a chance to win and keep your record clear. There are financial reasons obviously if you can win the DUI case, you don’t have the fines, if the case gets reduced, the fines are lower.

The right outcome can be either something you do not have to do at all or you have to do a shorter DUI school that you would have to do without a lawyer. There is probation. Sometimes probation can be shorter depending on which county you are in. In more complex cases where there are multiple offenses, injuries, accidents, alcohol levels off the charts or refusal to take tests, those are all situations where you better have the best DUI defense lawyer that you can find. You need to focus on finding the best DUI attorney. You can have friends who can tell you one thing, but they are not living in your skin the rest of your life. You are the one who’s going to face it every time you go for a job if you have a DUI conviction. You cannot go to Canada for 10 years if you get convicted of a DUI. Other countries are not doing that but in the future, they may.

A DUI Conviction Can Have Dire Consequences on A Person’s Future Prospects

It’s not just jobs that you’ll be prevented from getting if you have a DUI conviction or more than one conviction. Going to different colleges or grad schools can be problematic with a criminal record having DUI’s. Advancing in your current profession or switching professions or medical school can also be problematic. Nurses have the hardest times dealing with DUI convictions, either while they are nurses or when they are in nursing school. There are hundreds of professional licenses that the state of California gives out and almost every one of those can be affected by a DUI conviction especially if you’re young and you don’t know what you want to do in the future. Fight this the first time; fight it as hard as it can be fought.

If an attorney can’t win the case, they get the best possible result. You will know that you got the best result you could. If you do get convicted, you will know what your chances would have been, going to jury trial, if you had a good chance to win and just chose not to do it. An experienced and aggressive DUI lawyer will be able to educate you about how this works, your case, your chances and give you all the different avenues that you have and help you make the informed decision that you need to make.

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By Aaron Bortel

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Aaron Bortel
With 30 years of specialized experience in DUI defense, Attorney Aaron Bortel is a dedicated advocate for those facing DUI charges in the Bay Area. Committed to helping clients avoid jail, save their driver’s licenses and jobs, and prevent permanent criminal records, he combines deep legal expertise with genuine care for his client's welfare. Trust in a lawyer who not only defends but truly supports you through challenging times.

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