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If There Is No Admin Per Se Suspension Can I Get My Driver’s License Back?

A situation where there is no administrative suspension would mean that either you were not over a 0.08 and the DMV was willing to give your license back, or you had a not guilty finding in court. When that happens, you are entitled to go in and get a driver’s license right away. What a lot of people will do, at that point, is go to the DMV and request a duplicate license.

Will My Driver’s License Be Reinstated Automatically After My Suspension Period Is Over?

Your license will be reinstated when the suspension period is over, if you do certain things. You are going to need to complete DUI School, in most cases. You are required to have SR-22 insurance, which is an additional high risk insurance. Also, you need to pay a re-issue fee. You can do all those things, if you get suspended and want to get a restricted license or an interlock license. Once that period of restricted or interlock is over, you can hold on to that same restricted license and you are fine to drive. You don’t have to go back to DMV, but most people will, because they want to have a copy that doesn’t have the words restriction or ignition interlock required on their license.

What Happens If I Violate My Restricted License?

If you have a work restricted license, the only driving that you should be doing is under those situations. If an officer sees you coming back from the gym or the beach and you don’t have proof that it is work related driving, they can do a lot of things. One option is giving you a ticket for driving on a suspended license. They can tow your car. You can face probation violations, fines, jail time, and your insurance rates going up.

Be very careful when you are on a restricted license. It’s important to keep a work calendar, every time you drive somewhere, that you can show an officer, if they pull you over. If you have that in writing, it can help your attorney fight that case, if the officer doesn’t believe you. These days, with Uber and other driving companies, there is no excuse to put yourself in the situation of violating a restricted license. No amount of money that you are saving by driving yourself is worth jeopardizing your criminal record, your money, your ability to drive, and your future employment.

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