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Ignition Interlock Intrusion: IID Marketing Tactics To Avoid

Ignition Interlock Intrusion IID Marketing Tactics To Avoid lawyer, San Francisco CityIn this article you will be able to read about:

  • Why DUI-charged drivers are bombarded by mail solicitations from Ignition Interlock Companies.
  • How these companies are getting access to your private information.
  • The cost that misleading marketing practices can have on privacy and your driving future.

The mail solicitations you may receive from Ignition Interlock Device (IID) companies after getting charged or arrested for DUI can seem endless. Each promises to be essential and helpful in getting you back on the road, while some even seem to be from official sources like the DMV. These letters are none of the above however and are merely predatory, and sometimes misleading, marketing ploys.

Why Am I Getting Letters In The Mail Saying I Need An Ignition Interlock Device From Companies Like Intoxalock?

Intoxalock and other IID companies often bombard you with letters after a DUI arrest. They get your contact information after you are arrested because the sheriff’s office or the jail makes that information available to news reporting companies who in turn sell them to ignition interlock companies and lawyers. Then these companies or individuals solicit you with letters. It is an offensive and intrusive marketing tactic.

Worse, it is also an invasion of your privacy. It is telling your letter carrier and anybody who gets your mail at your house “Hey, look who got a DUI”. It shouldn’t be allowed, but because it is, these companies and individuals will take advantage of any opportunity available to them.

It’s important to keep in mind that these types of practices are used by companies that are only interested in getting your money. As such, it’s best to shred the letters and do your research – or better yet, contact an experienced and effective lawyer who will genuinely care about your case and its outcome, not just the “price tag” associated with it.

How Should I Go About Getting An Ignition Interlock Device?

If you are going to need an ignition interlock device, a good DUI defense attorney will walk you through everything and ensure it will only be required for as short a period as possible. At our firm, we keep track of the more reputable IID companies that are not going to be making mistakes that end up prolonging the process.

Unfortunately, there is a large and growing number of interlock companies out there that have substantial issues. As a result, there are mistakes, paperwork issues, and other roadblocks that arise.

What you need to know, and what your DUI lawyer can help you figure out is: which companies are the best, which are the most affordable, and which have the best customer service. Both you and your attorney want to avoid instances where you’re having an issue with your IID and the company just won’t call you back.

Customer service is crucial for these devices and that is why it is important to not just call up or accept the first company that sends you one in the mail.

I Got A Letter About An Ignition Interlock Device, But It Seems To Be From The DMV. What Should I Do?

Some interlock companies send marketing letters that are made to look like they are from the DMV to make you think you have to get an interlock device immediately – but don’t fall for this. This tactic clearly displays the fact that these companies are only concerned about “making a sale” and getting your money.

Instead, call an experienced DUI lawyer, which you can find either through word of mouth or on the internet, where you should always carefully read their reviews. Talk to a few of them (consultations are usually free) to find someone you are comfortable with instead of some company that is preying on you. You deserve someone who can genuinely help you – because when dealing with DUI charges, there is a lot at stake.

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