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Is DUI Diversion In San Francisco The Best Option For Anyone Who Is Available?

In most cases, yes. I’ve always told clients that even if we think we have a chance to win the case at trial, whether big or small, we should jump on it. The stigma of having a DUI on your record and all the complications that are created with a criminal conviction like this for a misdemeanor are not worth it. Almost anyone who is given the opportunity to get a diversion should jump all over it. You never know if you’re going to be able to win a case in a jury trial. If you had an offer of something less than a DUI and you lose at trial, you’re going to get the DUI and whatever penalty the court wants to impose.

Even though you may still have to complete some of the obligations associated with a DUI, a diversion is much more beneficial to you. This is not to mention the laundry list of restrictions you will face when moving forward with your life if you have a DUI on your criminal record. Things like traveling to Canada, getting professional licenses in California or any other State, and renting a property or getting credit will be significantly more challenging.

Another consideration is if you were to go to a jury trial with the best DUI lawyer you can find, you’re going to be paying well over $10,000 to have it done correctly from beginning to end. If you can get a diversion on a DUI arrest, I would highly recommend it in almost every case.

It is important to understand that every case is different. You should find the best DUI lawyer you can and talk to them about the possibilities of different outcomes and make sure that they’ve made several diversion motions in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ve started filing them in many different counties in and around San Francisco, and we’ve had many of them in my office granted. It’s only April 2021 right now, and over the next many months we expect to have many more Diversion Motions granted.

It is highly advisable to talk to a lawyer who knows what they’re doing and go over your situation. Ask them what they would advise you to do to help you qualify and get that diversion while it’s the law because the law may change.

Does A Defendant’s Participation In Pre-Trial Diversion For A DUI Charge In San Francisco Constitute As A Conviction Or An Admission Of Guilt?

No, it does not. What we do at the beginning of a case is enter a plea of not guilty. To give you an example, today, I was in court in San Francisco, and the judge granted a diversion on a complicated case with a very high alcohol level and an accident. One of the things that the judge said on the record was that the plea was withdrawn, saying that this case is being diverted from the criminal system. There will be no record of conviction as long as the client complies with all the conditions given for a diversion. The only place where this will be seen with any penalties will typically be with the DMV if we cannot win the hearing. There may be restrictions like suspended licenses and ignition interlocks placed into your vehicle by not winning the DMV hearing.

Can I Call Your Office For More Information About Diversion Programs For DUI In Northern California?

Absolutely. If we don’t pick up, our service will, and they will text and email us your message. We’ll call you back right away or as soon as possible, and if we can’t do an immediate consultation over the phone, on Zoom, or in person, we will set up a time to do it. We’re very good at getting back to people, and we understand how important this case is to you. That means it’s that important, if not more, to us. We’re here to help, we’ve been doing this for a long time, and we understand all aspects of what we’re dealing with. We’ve represented people from all walks of life, all different backgrounds, and we help everyone. We’re private attorneys, and we don’t charge for an initial consultation. We’re here to help and what we always believe is that everyone needs to find the attorney who’s right for them. After you talk to us, you can decide if we’re the right attorney. If not, we’re pleased that we gave you the correct information to help you make your decision. We’re here to help, and we hope that what we tell you enables you to make the right decisions because we’re dealing with what’s going to come next for the rest of your life based on how the case turns out.

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