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Negotiating A Plea Deal In Marin County

Negotiating A Plea Deal In Marin CountyIn this article, you can discover:

  • The various factors that are considered when negotiating a DUI plea deal in Marin County.
  • What proactive steps you can take to improve the outcome of your DUI case.
  • How thorough evidence and investigation can influence the prosecution’s decision.
What Are The Common Outcomes For DUI Cases In Marin County?

Most DUI cases in Marin County and the Bay Area don’t progress to a jury trial. Instead, they result in a negotiated plea. This involves your lawyer presenting mitigating factors to the District Attorney (DA) to either have the charges dropped or reduced.

Are All DUI Cases The Same?

No, every DUI case is unique. While many may have similarities, the circumstances surrounding them can vary greatly. Factors such as prior offenses, the alcohol level, the presence of drugs, speeding, or having minors in the car can all affect the case. These factors provide different angles for negotiation.

What Can I Do To Improve The Outcome Of My Case?

From the start, it’s vital for you to avoid any further legal troubles. Taking steps that show your commitment to ensuring such an incident doesn’t repeat is crucial. Engaging in activities like self-help meetings, attending AA, undergoing therapy, and joining residential or outpatient programs can be beneficial. These actions convey to the court and the DA’s office that you are committed to change.

How Is Evidence Handled In A DUI Case?

The process typically begins with entering a not-guilty plea. Following this, all evidence against the client is collected. This includes the initial police report, videos, audio recordings, blood draw videos, and records related to breath and blood machines. It’s essential to scrutinize every detail for any discrepancies or errors, as these can impact the case’s outcome.

Does The District Attorney’s Office Often Dismiss DUI Cases?

It’s quite rare for the DA’s office in Marin County or any other county in the San Francisco Bay area to dismiss a DUI case outright. However, through thorough investigation and presenting evidence that challenges the prosecution’s case, there can be favorable outcomes. To achieve a dismissal, it’s usually essential to demonstrate that the prosecution can’t prove the elements of a DUI convincingly.

Are There Any Factors That Increase The Likelihood Of A Reduced Charge For A DUI?

Cases where the alcohol level is closer to the legal limit of 0.08 typically have a better chance of getting reduced to a lesser charge. The alcohol level plays a significant role in negotiating the outcomes of DUI cases in Marin County.

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