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How Often Should Someone Discuss A DUI Case With Their Attorney?

Every case is different. Do you need to call your lawyer every day or every other day? No. There are exchanges and things that are needed, so the lawyer may need to contact you a number of times to get more information. If it’s a situation where you are dealing with getting electronic monitoring or enrolling in a program or something similar, there should be more conversations. There is no exact number, but you definitely want to check in with your lawyer and then have them get a hold of you at some point if there is any new news. If you don’t hear from your lawyer for a number of weeks, it’s probably because you’re in the waiting period for things from the DMV, potential hearing dates, and waiting for the arraignment, gathering evidence, it just depends. Every case is different, so there is no set number of times you should be talking to your lawyer.

How Should Someone Conduct Themselves In The 30 Days Following A DUI Arrest?

Talk to at least a couple of lawyers: don’t just talk to one, talk to a couple. Make sure you know hopefully that you’re making the right choice because you’re comfortable with that person and they’re experienced in the field. You could find that person if you know people who’ve gone through this before, but do check out their credentials online and read their reviews. Read the reviews carefully so you can tell if it’s a real person and not fake write-ups, look on AVVO, as well, which is a good place to find reviews, not just on your attorney’s website.

You’ll know hopefully that you’re making the right choice based on doing your due diligence; maybe take someone that you trust with you to talk to the lawyer and see what their feel is for them, whether it’s a spouse, a sibling, a parent or a good friend. But perhaps one of the best things you can do is once you’ve made that choice and you have that lawyer, let them do the stressing for you.

The more you stress, the worse you’re making the punishment for yourself. You can’t go back; you can’t reverse what has happened. So hire the lawyer and let them do their job because you have a life to live and these cases can go on for many months and sometimes years. Life is too short to be obsessed by: “I shouldn’t have done this. I wish I didn’t do that. What can I do?” No, you need to keep working, take care of yourself, your family, be responsible and make sure it’s never going to happen again. Change your ways. If it was just someone who left their guard down and drove when they shouldn’t have, make sure it doesn’t happen again. Take the steps that you need to take to make yourself feel like you’re not going to put yourself in that position again, be smart.

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