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Penalties for DUI Convictions in San Francisco

And, by the way, in San Francisco, if you are convicted for first-DUI without accidents or super-high blood-alcohol levels, the DA is always asking for a minimum of 30 days in jail, which you can usually do on the Sheriff’s work program. With a second offense, they’re asking for much, much stiffer penalties than that.

A Conviction for DUI Will Result in a 30-day Jail Sentence as Well as Additional Penalties

I am going to provide an example. If someone were to be arrested with a .11 blood-alcohol level, they would normally get an offer, which would not require any jail or sheriff’s work program if they took an early plea deal. However, if they go to trial and lose, the DA’s going to ask for, at least, 30 days in jail or the sheriff’s work program along with other penalties.

San Francisco Has Instituted Strict Penalties for DUI Offenses

So, in other counties, they’re not going to hammer you that hard or hit you with what, I believe, is a trial tactic. But in San Francisco, the penalties for DUIs, when you go to trial, are as strict, if not stricter than anywhere else in the San Francisco Bay Area.

By Aaron Bortel

Aaron Bortel

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