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What You Should Know About Restricted Licenses After A DUI Charge

Woman holding up driver's licenseIn this article, you can discover:

  • The eligibility criteria for obtaining a restricted license after a DUI charge.
  • The step-by-step process to secure a work permit or ignition interlock license.
  • Strategies to minimize the impact of multiple DUI convictions on driving privileges.

Can I Get A Restricted License If My Driver’s License Has Already Been Suspended Due To A DUI Charge?

If your driver’s license has been suspended due to a DUI charge, you may still be eligible for a restricted license in most cases. This applies during the period before any conviction, while your case is being processed in court and with the DMV.

If you’ve hired an attorney and requested a DMV hearing within 10 days of your arrest, you can continue driving without any restrictions. However, if you did not request a hearing or contact an attorney, you might still be able to obtain a work permit or an ignition interlock license before the conclusion of your case.

How Long Is It Going To Take Me To Get A Work Permit After A DUI?

Obtaining a work permit, also known as a work-restricted license or an ignition interlock license, varies in time depending on several factors…

After a DUI arrest, you are usually given a temporary permit that allows you to drive for the next 30 days. To maintain your driving privileges beyond this period, you must request a DMV hearing within 10 days of your arrest. If you are eventually convicted in court or do not win the DMV administrative hearing, you will need to apply for a work-restricted license or an ignition interlock license.

This process involves obtaining SR-22 insurance, enrolling in a DUI school, and paying a reissue fee at the DMV. Typically, you must wait a month after your suspension begins before you can apply for a work-restricted license. However, for an ignition interlock license, which allows unrestricted driving, the process might be expedited with the help of an experienced attorney.

Can I Get A Work Restricted License If I Have More Than 1 DUI In The San Francisco Bay Area?

If you have two or more DUI convictions within 10 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, you will not be eligible for a work-restricted license. However, you can still obtain an ignition interlock license, which requires having an ignition interlock device installed in your car for at least a year and completing an 18-month multiple-offender DUI school program.

In these cases, it’s crucial to have a lawyer who specializes in DUI defense to navigate the timing and procedures to minimize the duration of the ignition interlock requirement. For a second offense DUI, you may receive credit for the time the ignition interlock device is installed if it is done early on after a DMV hearing and while the court case is ongoing.

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