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SR-22 Driving Insurance In California

The SR-22 insurance is something, that if you are convicted of a DUI or if you lose your DMV hearing, you will need this additional insurance. Basically, this insurance says that you can drive any vehicle. You can get it on your person, or you can get it on your person and your vehicle. You have to maintain it for three years.

So, it basically tells the DMV that you are insured to drive, and it’s not just regular insurance. When you get it is important. If it looks like you’re going to get convicted in court or lose your DMV hearing, you want to get it before that happens because you can get better rates on it. You can go through private companies and get better rates, or you can go through your own insurance company. There are insurance companies out there like the John MacDonald Insurance Services, which is in Anaheim, California, which can find you very low rates, and sometimes the first year is as low as around $500 for the SR-22, and $300 or less for each of the next two years.

If You Require SR-22 Insurance, It Is Best To Shop Around

If you wait until after your conviction, and say you use a private insurance company like that, you’re looking at a lot more money per year because you’re getting rated with those extra points on your H6 or your driving record.

Role Of A Lawyer In Helping Clients Get SR-22 Insurance

What I do with my clients is I give them a lot of advice and I tell them exactly what I just explained, which is if it looks like we’re not going to win a case or we may lose at DMV, then it’s important to get the SR-22 before that happens. And then I tell them that they have different options of doing it, private insurance, or I should say their own insurance company or a different insurance company. It’s up to them what they want to do.

But what I do advise a client to do is talk to different insurance companies and arrive at a decision that’s right for them. This is because everybody has different insurance needs and the process can get complicated. This is especially true when people have umbrella policies on houses and cars, or houses and cars and business.

It can get very confusing, and that’s why it’s a very good idea to talk to a private insurance company, other than your own, because when you talk to your own, basically what you’re doing is letting them know that you do have the DUI, and they’re going to check it out anyway and they’re going to eventually see it, and when you come up for renewal, they’re either going to drop you or raise your rates. So, what you can do is you can talk to other insurance companies and see what kind of rates you’re looking at.

The reason why a company like the one I was talking about, the John MacDonald Insurance Service, would be a good resource to talk to is because they can tell you this is probably what is going to happen with your insurance company, and this is what is going to happen if you go with some low fee carrier that we can get you if you change in the future. They’ll tell you costs and help you figure out how much you may be able to save in the future. Some people use them, some people don’t. I just give out names, numbers, and there are other insurance companies out there as well. People just need to make the decision that is right for them.

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