At the beginning of 2022, the law regarding DUI diversion changed. DUIs are no longer eligible for diversion in California. Please contact our office with any questions. Email us at OR Call us at: (415) 523-7878

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Law Firm of Aaron Bortel

St. Helena, Napa County California, DUI Defense Attorney

St. Helena, Napa County California, DUI Defense Attorney

Law Firm of Aaron Bortel
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San Francisco, CA 94107
Tel: (415) 523-7878

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The highly experienced and motivated DUI Defense lawyers at Law Firm of Aaron Bortel serves the city of San Francisco as well as all of Marin County! Attorney Aaron Bortel focuses his practice solely on DUI Defense. The Law Firm of Aaron Bortel also serves the entire Bay area and handles DUI Defense cases throughout the State of California.

No case is too small or too large!

I represent people accused of DUI in all Bay Area Counties, both in Court and at the DMV. With over 31 years of experience, I am one of the only firms in the Bay Area that dedicates it’s criminal law practice exclusively to fighting for the rights of those accused of Driving Under the Influence. We represent clients on both misdemeanor and felony DUI charges. Often, those charges can include hit and run, driving on a suspended license, marijuana, other legal and illegal drugs, speeding, and other California Vehicle Code violations in addition to the DUI. My case experience includes under 21 DUI, zero tolerance, and Drunk Driving probation violations.

I conduct Administrative Per Se (APS) hearings for clients on most DUI cases. My years of experience with DMV have helped many clients save or regain their licenses after being accused of DUI, Lack of Skill, Negligent Operator, and Physical and Mental issues. You may contact me 24/7 for your Free Case Evaluation today.

Once Arrested, You Have 10 Days to Contest Losing Your Driver’s License – Don’t Wait! We can help by contacting DMV (if you contact us within 10 calendar days of arrest) to begin the process of trying to save your license. At worst, we will help keep you driving, often for many months, during the DMV process. Misdemeanor DUI’s are heard on the 2nd floor in department D of Napa County Superior Court. In most cases if I am representing the client they will not need to attend court.

Over the last few months I have handled a diverse range of DUI cases in North Bay County, Marin County, Sonoma County, Napa County and the surrounding areas.

St. Helena is a city in Napa County, California. It is part of the North Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. The city’s American Viticultural Area includes 416 vineyards encompassing 6,800 acres (2,800 ha) of planted vineyards. St. Helena is also the location of The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone and a campus of Napa Valley College. St. Helena is a general law city which lacks its own charter. It operates under a council-manager form of government. Major employers in St. Helena include St. Helena Hospital, Trinchero Family Estates, Meadowood Napa Valley, Icon Estates, and The Culinary Institute of America. The city is distinct in its regulation against chain restaurants; only one exists in the city, established before the legislation was enacted. The St. Helena AVA is in the region, and numerous wineries exist within St. Helena.

The Napa County DUI Program offers Court and DMV mandated programs for the drinking driver. Programs are conducted in English and Spanish. The programs include Education and Group Counseling. There are four programs for First Offenders: a 12 Hour Education Program, a 3 Month Program, a 6 Month Program, or a 9 Month Program. The program you enroll in is determined by the court. For Multiple Offenders, there is an 18 Month Program consisting of Education, Group and Individual Counseling, and Community Re-Entry.

Napa County DUI Program: Click Here

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Aaron Bortel
With 30 years of specialized experience in DUI defense, Attorney Aaron Bortel is a dedicated advocate for those facing DUI charges in the Bay Area. Committed to helping clients avoid jail, save their driver’s licenses and jobs, and prevent permanent criminal records, he combines deep legal expertise with genuine care for his client's welfare. Trust in a lawyer who not only defends but truly supports you through challenging times.

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