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The Number Of Drinks It Takes To Get Charged With A DUI In California

With hard alcohol, many of the bartenders will measure drinks. If they are doing that, it’s a little easier to keep track of what’s going on but if you don’t see them measuring it, they’re just doing a pour. Many bartenders will pour more than an ounce and a half in a drink. A lot of people will get in trouble not being careful enough and just counting a larger drink or a double as a single and they end up getting a DUI.

The last type of alcohol the DMV talks about is the beer. When we’re talking about a 12-ounce, 5 percent beer, which is something like a regular Budweiser or a regular Coors or Corona. They are more accurately 4 and half or 4.7 percent and 5 percent alcohol.

There are so many micro beers out there that have high alcohol levels. A lot of bars and restaurants will pour you a 16 or a 20-ounce pint glass of the beer and that can, if it’s a higher alcohol content, getting yourself into a level equaling two or more beers when you think you’re just drinking one.

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