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Tips and Guides if arrested for a DUI

The choices you make during your Bay Area drunk driving arrest can have consequences that stick with you for the rest of your life.  The first thing Aaron Bortel tries to do is win your case. There are steps you can take to help us achieve that goal.  Even if we can’t make the case “go away,” there are thing you can do to help us reduce the potential penalties.

  • Tip #1: Do not take any roadside sobriety tests.

You do not have to take any form of roadside sobriety test.

  • Tip #2: Take your DUI seriously.

If you do not take the necessary steps to protect your rights such as requesting a DMV hearing within 10 days of your arrest and contacting your DUI attorney, you risk losing more than just your driving privileges.  A DUI conviction often carries with it a number of “hidden costs” such as:

  1. Problems getting employment
  2. Significant increase in car insurance premiums, if they are available at all
  3. Points on your driver’s license that result in higher insurance costs and license suspension
  4. Inability to secure apartments or other living spaces
  5. International travel restrictions, such as no travel to Canada
  6. Delay or inability to obtain a Commercial driver’s license
  7. Significant jail time
  8. Credit rating damage
  • Tip #3: Request an administrative per se hearing from the DMV.

This is perhaps the most important thing to remember when arrested for a DUI in the Bay Area.  When you are arrested for a DUI, the officer will take your license and give you a notice of suspension, which also serves as a temporary license.  If you or your DUI lawyer do not contact the DMV within your 10 day allotment this suspension will go into affect in 30 days.  Request for hearings past the 10 day are almost NEVER granted.

  • Tip #4: Just because the police arrested you does not mean you are guilty.

An arrest does not mean a conviction.  Police, investigators, lab techs, and prosecutors can make mistakes during the course of the investigation, and occasionally they base an entire case due to a single slip-up by the accused.  Some common mistakes the police make that can actually help you win your case include:

  1. Making an improper stop
  2. Improper arrest
  3. Improper breath test
  4. Improper procedure
  5. Improper maintenance or calibration problems with the testing machines
  6. Failure to properly fill out paperwork
  • Tip #5: Contact Bay Area Drunk Driving Aaron Bortel immediately.

Just as important as DMV being contacted to request your administrative hearing within 10 calendar days, you should contact Aaron Bortel as soon as possible after your DUI arrest.  Aaron Bortel’s first goal is to win your case. We want to go over the details of your drunk driving arrest when everything is still fresh.  The stress, anger, fear and other emotions you experience when pulled over and arrested for a DUI can result in not remembering every detail.  We will take you through the arrest from what was going on before being pulled over, to the end of your time in custody.  The questions we ask may help you remember specific details that can help us win your case.

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