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What Is The Difference Between Being Arrested And Being Detained In A DUI Case?

Once someone has been stopped by an officer, I believe it should be considered a detention from that moment going forward. The officer will ask questions, try to get people to take field sobriety tests, and have them blow into the preliminary alcohol screening machine. If the person blows a level of 0.08 or greater or refuses to take the test, then the officer will have enough information to arrest that person for DUI. At that point, the officer must read the person the Miranda rights before asking them any further investigatory questions.

Do I Have To Answer Any Questions Or Show My ID When Stopped By Police Under Suspicion Of DUI?

There are some attorneys who will say that a person doesn’t even need to show their ID when being stopped by a police officer, but if someone does that, they will likely be arrested. It is a good idea for a person to hand over their ID so that the officer can determine whether they are on probation for any prior convictions. If someone is on probation for a DUI and the officer detects alcohol on their breath, then they will be subject to a variety of penalties, including loss of license and jail time.

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