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2 People Arrested For DUI In Wine County By CHP

2 people were arrested in one traffic stop by the California Highway Patrol on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to officials, a witness called CHP around 5 p.
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m. on Monday after spotting a Chrysler sedan weaving into the opposite lane and nearly hitting oncoming traffic on Dry Creek Road near Healdsburg. The car was then seen drifting onto the right shoulder and almost striking objects.

The witness continued to follow the vehicle which went onto southbound Highway 101 and then took an off-ramp in Windsor. The vehicle then headed to a park-and-ride lot and switched drivers.
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A couple was riding in the vehicle. The female driver got out and switched places with the male who got behind the wheel and drove back onto the freeway.

The witness updated the police on the situation and CHP officers soon caught with the car. When they were pulled over, 60-year-old Danny Miller of Glendale, Arizona, was behind the wheel.

51-year-old , Cheryl Buahnik, also of Glendale, was the passenger in the vehicle. Miller admitted that he and his passenger had visited several wineries and were on their way to Napa. The couple also admitted taking turns at the wheel during their Sonoma County wine-tasting outing.
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Miller told the officers that they switched drivers because Buahnik had been drinking more than him.

A statement released by the CHP read, “The officer noted signs of intoxication and began a DUI evaluation. Miller was determined to be under the influence and was placed under arrest. Miller’ Arizona license was found to be revoked.”

When the officer spoke to Buahnik, she also appeared to be intoxicated.

As a result of the police investigation and based on the witness statement, Buahnik was subsequently arrested for DUI.

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