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Do People Understand How A DUI Conviction Can Affect Their Life?

Everybody is different and some people are very surprised when they get a DUI, whereas some people are not be shocked. How the person reacts to a DUI depends on how much they know about DUIs and if they know people who have been convicted and what their ultimate consequences were.

People Generally Do Not Take DUI Charges Very Seriously

The severe consequences of a DUI have been around long enough for people to know. The District Attorneys in many of the counties, especially in Northern California, are all on special DUI grants. They come in and talk to teens and let them know about the consequences of a DUI because these are all young drivers who would need to make some decisions and choices in the future.

There are even commercials on the TV regarding DUIs. If people still do not understand how severe the penalties are for a DUI that means they have tuned out every time there was some type of an advertisement, commercial or other information in front of them regarding the consequences.

This is just something that people cannot be naïve to and cannot expect or think it would not be a big deal. Once a person gets a DUI, they are not able to turn back the clock. Their only choice is to fight it.

Not Fighting The DUI Could Lead To Serious Consequences That Could Last A Long Time

In these situations we have to explain to the client how the DUI conviction could impact their life in so many different ways, and we discuss the potential penalties and adverse lifelong after affects.

People who hire an attorney first and foremost usually just want the attorney to just make the charges go away. If they are unable to do that, then the client’s next natural desire would be to get the best result possible, whether that meant reduced charges or penalties.

Sometimes we have to go to trial and just the discovery we gather alone could be proof to help convince a DA or a judge they do not have a solid case. That would be the best result, of course, for anybody charged with a DUI. However, the bottom-line is that each case is different, so we have to find a way to try and win or minimize the damage on every case.

Unless the person actually hires a good lawyer who knows how to fight these cases, they just end up pleading guilty and then they may end up regretting it. Five or 10 years down the road, when the DUI conviction starts affecting employment opportunities. They will wish they followed a different path rather than just pleading guilty. They may be wondering for many years or for the rest of their life if it would have been worth it to have at least tried.

These cases can have many different outcomes but the person will not be able to get anything but a guilty plea unless they actually fight the case.

Other Important Information About The Consequences Of A DUI

The DUI charges should serve as a warning. I talk to my clients about this all the time. I tell them that it is easy to let your guard down, even though they may have had no intention to go out and drink and drive.

A lot of people do get DUIs. They are a big deal and should be taken seriously. However, people should remember it is not the end of the world, so long as no one was hurt or killed.

They need to use this as a lesson that they should not do it again. The penalties are so much more severe for multiple offenses and there are too many other things to get around so in the end it would just never be worth it.

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