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What Other Areas Of Your Life Can A DUI Conviction Affect?

A lot of people involved in sales have to travel and rent vehicles all over the country. Sometimes it can be very difficult for them to rent a vehicle if they have a DUI conviction on their record. They would have to show the rental agency a driver’s license number that stated “Restricted”. They might even have a temporary license, or in California, they might have a pink piece of paper that could act as a temporary license for the first 30 days until they got another one. Most rental car agencies do not let people rent cars if they have that type of license.

A DUI Could Be Used As Leverage Against A Parent In Regards To Custody Rights And Adoption

I have often represented a spouse who had gotten a DUI and the first thing they ask is if there is a way their ex, or for the other spouse to not find out about the DUI. In a situation where the other spouse did find out, the client became very scared their ex or the other spouse would use it against them for custody or for a number of other different reasons.

This can be a problem. Although getting a DUI does outright deny someone their custodial rights, it could have an effect on the court’s opinion, especially if the person had a history of unhealthy drinking patterns.

The other thing that could cause major problems is that someone who ends up with a restricted license after a DUI conviction would not be allowed to drive their kids around.

The restricted license in California would only allow the person to drive to and from work and to and from the DUI School. Anything that was not work related such as taking the kids somewhere to do something or picking them up from school, would technically not be allowed and it could potentially be used against them.

There Would Be Serious Consequences For A CDL License Holder Faced With A DUI Conviction

In California, if someone with a commercial license is convicted of a DUI, even if they were not in their commercial vehicle at the time, they would be looking at all the regular penalties plus a one year suspension of their commercial driving privileges and then would have to reapply.

The DMV would make a determination at that point and they would use a lot more scrutiny. A second DUI conviction with a commercial license would mean the person would lose their commercial diving privileges for life.

The blood alcohol level is 0.04 % if the person was in a commercial vehicle, as opposed to 0.08 % if they were in their personal vehicle.

The Ability To Travel Internationally Could Also Be Affected By A DUI Conviction

Canada can deny a person arrested and/or convicted of a DUI entry into the country. There could be a one-time exemption, but the person would have to jump through some hoops to get it.

Other places might also make it difficult if the person was from that country and they were trying to get a visa to come back to the U.S. A number of my clients from India have faced problems, for example. However, Canada is the only country that is actually giving people a hard time when getting in and out of the country because they consider a DUI a felony, even if it is a misdemeanor in the U.S.

Any alcohol related driving offense would be considered a felony in Canada, and it would be treated as such, which is why they basically would not want anyone who had been convicted of a DUI to enter the country.

If someone with a DUI needed to travel to Canada, then it would be highly recommended to talk with a Canadian immigration attorney who specialized in dealing with DUIs.

It Is Possible To Be Denied Admission Or Lose A Scholarship Because Of A DUI Conviction

There are all sorts of moral clauses and code of conduct clauses in scholarships which could cause the student to lose their scholarship. It might be a lot harder for someone to get accepted into medical school or nursing school, and they might even get kicked out of the school if they were half way through their course if the school or college found out about the DUI conviction.

These valid concerns are why these cases really need to be fought, especially if the person was thinking about going into a career which required a board certification or license. They should try and fight the charge and do everything they can in order to try and win because eventually, if they are convicted, they would need to deal with the board.

The attorney would be able to advise their client on things they could do in the meantime, such as counseling and things like that, which could hopefully be enough for the board when it came time for them to review the person, which may be years later. The best idea would be for the person to consult with an attorney regarding how to proceed.

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