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Drunk Driving Suspect Slams Into San Francisco Bank

Drunk Driving Suspect Slams Into San Francisco BankSAN FRANCISCO – On Tuesday morning, the woman suspected of DUI, who crashed her motor vehicle into a bank in San Francisco’s Outer Mission neighborhood, remains in the hospital on Wednesday with life-threatening head injuries, according to the police.

The accident at the Bank of America branch at 5150 Mission St. near Geneva Avenue was reported at 5:50 a.m.

According to police officers, the woman was travelling at high speed on southbound Mission Street in a white Mazda sedan when she narrowly avoided a San Francisco Municipal Railway bus, struck the curb and crashed into the building of the bank.

The woman was taken out from her vehicle by emergency crews. She sustained serious injuries and remains at San Francisco General Hospital.

No other individual was injured in the accident but the building of the bank was damaged from the outside.

The bank was closed when the accident happened and no employees were inside the building.

On Wednesday, a bank employee said that the bank opened again on Tuesday at about 3 p.m. and was serving customers again on Wednesday, despite damage to the building.

She said only a front section of the building was affected due to the accident. Police said that the nearby buildings were not damaged.

The employee has no information when repairs were expected to be completed.

In the accident, the entrance in which some tiled columns are included, was smashed and several windowpanes shattered.

Two ATMs located near the front doors were not damaged due to the accident and have been operational.

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