At the beginning of 2022, the law regarding DUI diversion changed. DUIs are no longer eligible for diversion in California. Please contact our office with any questions. Email us at OR Call us at: (415) 523-7878

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A DUI arrest can happen to anyone who drinks or takes legal or non-legal drugs, and then operates a vehicle. While most of us don’t intend to go out and drive under the influence, sometimes it does happen. In most cases, we had that one last drink that barely put us at or over the legal .08% limit. When we’ve have had too much, lack of judgment can kick in and the result might be what we never expected to happen – a DUI arrest. Sometimes we get that emergency call and decide to drive. We might have pulled over to sober up, but still got charged with a DUI. Whatever the situation is, we did something that we wish we could take back, and now we have no choice but to deal with the consequences.

I help defend people who made a judgment error. We are all humans, and we all make mistakes. Most of my clients are good people who are facing criminal prosecution and loss of driving privileges for the first time in their lives. There are so many questions and unknowns in a situation like this. It is a terrifying experience, and for many causes more stress than they’ve ever encountered.

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We may begin to think; what will happen to my job, my license, and insurance rates? What will all of this cost me? Do I need an ignition interlock on my car, DUI school, or probation? What do I do about court and the DMV? Am I going to jail, or back to jail?

The DUI arrest and what comes next are not experiences you should try to handle yourself. You need the best DUI lawyer you can find so you can let them do their job – that way, you can continue to do yours. Most of my clients feel much better after our first conversation. All your questions will be answered during our initial phone call, and then we set up a time to meet in person. You can call my office any time; even on weekends and weeknights. If we are not able to get connected right away, we will get back to you as soon as possible to answer all your questions and help you make sense of what the next steps are.

We are always here to help guide you through the complexities of DUI law, and help improve the consequences you’re facing. Our ultimate goal is to get you the best possible results with the Criminal Court and DMV cases.

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With 30 years of specialized experience in DUI defense, Attorney Aaron Bortel is a dedicated advocate for those facing DUI charges in the Bay Area. Committed to helping clients avoid jail, save their driver’s licenses and jobs, and prevent permanent criminal records, he combines deep legal expertise with genuine care for his client's welfare. Trust in a lawyer who not only defends but truly supports you through challenging times.

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