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Man From South San Francisco Avoids Prison Time In Fatal DUI Crash

Man From South San Francisco Avoids Prison Time In Fatal DUI CrashSOUTH SAN FRANCISCO – Authorities said on Monday that a South San Francisco man will serve no time in jail for being under the influence of alcohol when he crashed his motor vehicle on Interstate 280 in Daly City due to which his cousin died who was the passenger in his vehicle. The decision was made over the objections of the prosecutors.

On Friday, 23-year-old Dennis Salguero was sentenced to a year in jail and placed on a 5 years’ probation by Judge Jonathan Karesh of San Mateo County Superior Court. According to the District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, the jail sentence is modifiable to a residential treatment program whose office had asked for a sentence of 7 years and 8 months in prison.

According to Karesh, a large number of factors stopped a prison sentence in which Salguero’s lack of a criminal record, his success in a jailhouse behavioral modification program and support by the family of the victim, 33-year-old Gilbert Vallejo of Daly City, are included which helped him avoid the jail sentence.

On 18th of December, Salguero insisted on driving a vehicle after an afternoon of drinking Tequila shots at his father’s Daly City home despite being urged by his father and uncle to take BART, told Wagstaffe.

California Highway Patrol told that while driving his motor vehicle at high rate of speed southbound on I-280 near Westlake Avenue, Salguero lost control of his Toyota Corolla, swerved across the freeway and struck the center divider.

Authorities told that Vallejo, who was sitting at the back seat, was thrown out of the vehicle and died. A second cousin was injured.

After 2 hours, Salguero’s Blood Alcohol Content level was 0.14 percent, which is more than the legal limit of 0.08 percent that is allowed for driving.

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