At the beginning of 2022, the law regarding DUI diversion changed. DUIs are no longer eligible for diversion in California. Please contact our office with any questions. Email us at OR Call us at: (415) 523-7878

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Exclusively Focused on Defending DUI (driving under the influence) cases due to alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, or a combination

No one knows nor plans to be arrested for DUI, and that’s what makes this crime different from any other crime or area of law. It wasn’t done intentionally most of the time.

I help defend good people who made the mistake of drinking a little (or perhaps a lot) and chose to drive a vehicle, probably thinking they were “ok to drive”. Many of my clients are first time offenders – people who have careers, families, and normal lives – this is their first time being arrested and prosecuted for a crime, and it’s understandably scary.

You’ve probably read quite a bit about the various criminal penalties, losing your driver’s license, possibly needing an ignition interlock, losing your job, and having to spend additional time in jail.

I’m here to help guide you through the maze of law known as DUI Defense and help improve the consequences you’re facing, possibly even help you avoid jail, keep your driver’s license, and avoid a criminal conviction.

Some other types of DUI cases I have experience in are:

  • Under 21
  • Commercial Drivers (CDL holders)
  • High Blood Alcohol Level (.15, .2, .3, even higher)
  • Military DUI
  • Accident Injury DUI
  • Prescription or Illegal Drug DUI
  • Breath Test Refusals
  • Roadside Sobriety Test Issues

Multiple Offenders – 2nd, 3rd, 4th Offense or more.

I’ve also represented people who are on their 2nd, 3rd, 4th (or more) DUI. Why? Because even repeat offenders may not deserve to have their lives ruined by yet another conviction.

I’ve taken the time to provide extensive DUI-related information on this website, and once you’ve reviewed the areas you have questions in, you’re welcome to contact me to do a complimentary, 30-minute initial phone consultation.

You’ll hear straight, honest answers to your questions, my assessment of how I may be able to help your situation and what the likely possible outcomes will be.

If your case can be pled successfully and avoid trial, I’ll tell you. If there are issues that can’t be resolved without one, I have the experience to take you through the entire process.

I’ll bring to bear my 31 years of experience in defending literally thousands of good people charged with DUI, my personal knowledge of the judges, prosecutors, and court systems involved in prosecuting DUIs, and my very best effort to get you results.

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By Aaron Bortel

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Aaron Bortel
With 30 years of specialized experience in DUI defense, Attorney Aaron Bortel is a dedicated advocate for those facing DUI charges in the Bay Area. Committed to helping clients avoid jail, save their driver’s licenses and jobs, and prevent permanent criminal records, he combines deep legal expertise with genuine care for his client's welfare. Trust in a lawyer who not only defends but truly supports you through challenging times.

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