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FAQs About Restricted Licenses In California

What Does A Restricted License Allow You To Do In California?

A restricted license would be something that you would usually get if you lost the DMV hearing after 30 days of no driving, or if you won the DMV hearing but lost in court, in which case you could get it right away.

The DMV in Sacramento is the headquarters, at least in Northern California, and they issue a yellow letter. Once you get that letter and you’re notified that you’re suspended, you have to show DMV that you’re enrolled in a DUI school, that you have an SR-22. SR-22 is high risk insurance on your person which says you are allowed to drive in a car and you pay a re-issue fee to DMV.

Depending on the alcohol level of your case, you get a restricted license. If you’re above 0.20, it’s going to be 10 months of restricted driving; if you’re below that, it should be in most cases just 5 or potentially 6 months of restricted driving. That restricted license allows you to drive to and from your DUI school, to and from work and any work related driving. That’s it.

It does not allow you to drive to school, it does not allow you to drive to pick up your kids. There are ways that you can protect yourself to show that your driving is work related and anybody who is on a restricted license is recommended to always have documentations showing that whatever driving they are doing is within what the restriction allows. These are some ways that people can cover themselves.

What Factors Influence Whether Or Not Someone Is Awarded This Type Of License?

A restricted license is something that someone with a first DUI would be able to get as long as they’re not in one of the Pilot counties. A second DUI, if you are not on probation from your first DUI, would knock you out from driving, would suspend you for 90 days or 3 months.

Then you can get an ignition interlock device where you’ll have to blow into the machine, show there is no alcohol in your system when you’re starting your car and while you’re driving every 10, 15, 20 minutes. Also, you’re required to have that restricted license for at least 21 more months after the 3 months of no driving on a second offense. On a third offense, it’s 6 months of non-driving followed by a long time of interlock driving.

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