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What Are Some Of The Consequences Of A DUI?

How Does A DUI Affect The Points On Your License In California?

DUI is 2 points; if there is an accident, that’s going to be 3 points; and if you get 4 points within 12 months, that would trigger a negligent operator hearing where you could get suspended for having too many points, on top of it if you’re already suspended for the DUI. If it goes to 4 points in one year, 6 points in two years, 8 points in 3 years, that would trigger a negligent operator hearing.

It also means that your insurance could drop you. Your insurance could go up, that’s what happens when you get too many points.

All this is in addition to the DUI suspension.

What Is The Commercial Driver’s License Disqualification Criteria In California When It Comes To The DUI?

For a commercial driver, if they are in their commercial vehicle, it’s 0.04. If they are in their regular vehicle, the legal limit is still 0.08.

If a commercial driver gets the DUI in his regular vehicle, they would lose his or her driver’s commercial license for a year on a first DUI and lose it for life on a second. Also, the point system is different for commercial drivers. If they get a speeding ticket, it usually counts as a point and a half.

This means that even if you’re in your own personal vehicle, as long as you’re holding a CDL license, that will be affected as well. That has a huge impact on someone’s career if that’s their chosen career.

In case you or your attorney can’t win the DUI outright, it works to get the DA’s office to reduce the case to a wet reckless, which is a lesser offense from a DUI, so it’s an alcohol related reckless driving. You’re also trying to get the court to sign a motion which says that the driver’s been found not guilty of being at or over 0.08, even though they got the alcohol related reckless driving offense.

The form has to be sent to DMV, get it certified by the court and the wet reckless and the finding not guilty on 0.08 charge will result in the person not getting suspended by DMV and not losing their commercial license.

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