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Former divorce lawyer involved in SF Bay area ‘dirty DUI’ case sentenced to 2 years

SAN FRANCISCO – On Monday, 62-year-old Mary Nolan of Oakland was sentenced in the San Francisco Bay area’s so-called “dirty DUI” police, according to the Contra Costa Times report.

She has been sentenced to 2 years in jail for illegally spying on her clients’ estranged spouses and evading taxes. In 2013, she gave up her law license and paid $469,000 after pleading guilty.

According to the prosecutors, Nolan hired a private investigator, Christopher Butler, who is now in jail on the charges of drug dealing and installing listening devices on spouses’ vehicles to assist her clients in divorce and child-custody cases.

Butler told that he arranged female decoys to force the husbands of Nolan’s clients to drink alcohol and when the men drove their car, Butler called the police to report that the person is driving under the influence.

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