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How Could A DUI In California Affect A Professional License?

The type of jobs that are affected by professional license issues are doctors, nurses, auto dealers, teachers, and financial positions. With most of these types of professional licenses, the requirement is that within 30 days of a conviction, you must let the licensing board know about it and then they will do evaluations. It is very important, in a number of fields, to get an attorney who is a specialist in this area, who deals with professional licenses, to represent you. I focus on DUI defense, meaning dealing with the courts and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

What Types Of Professional Licenses Could Be Potentially Impacted By A DUI Conviction?

Medical, dental, real estate, law, contractor, and other professional licenses will be affected by a DUI conviction. Anyone who is charged with a DUI should start doing research to figure out if you have the type of license where you are facing potential disciplinary action.

Am I Required To Inform My Professional Licensing Board If I Am Charged With A DUI?

Every type of license is different. You really need to do the research to see if your license is one that could be affected by a DUI charge. Typically, you will be required to give notice within 30 days of a conviction. Usually, you’re not required to self-report being arrested for a DUI or being charged with a DUI. It is after a conviction that you’re required to let a professional board know.

Can I Still Get A CDL License After Multiple DUI Conviction In California?

If you have one DUI conviction on or after 2005 and then get a second conviction, you are banned from driving commercially. You are no longer going to be driving an 18-wheeler under a California license. Just one DUI will prevent you from having a commercial driver’s license for a year. Then, you have to reapply and if you have tags attached to that license, you have to apply for those as well.

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