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Is It Possible To Have A DUI Conviction Expunged From My Record?

It is absolutely possible to have a DUI conviction expunged. We do expungements all the time for clients when their probation period is up. We fill out a form and attach a declaration, which we have you help us with. Sometimes, it requires a hearing. Usually, it does not, if you fully complied with all the terms of your probation. A typical DUI probation period for a first offense in California is three years. When that period is over, we recommend that clients contact us and have us help with the expungement motion. Basically, we’re getting a dismissal on the case, so the conviction is no longer a conviction. You can say that you have not been convicted of a DUI.

Unfortunately, when you are applying for a professional license in California, you are required to let the professional licensing board know that you had a DUI. If they ask, you have to tell them. It is also required for contacting with the state lottery, but most people aren’t dealing with that. Expungement helps in many different ways but you need to know when you have to reveal it.

What Is The Interstate Driving License Compact? How Could It Impact My DUI Case?

The Interstate Driving License Contact Compact links up almost all of the states in the United States for sharing drivers’ license information. If you get convicted of a DUI in California and you have a Florida driver’s license, at some point, Florida is going to find out about it. Talking to an attorney who really understands DUI law can help you try to prevent your home state from seeing a DUI in California. The way to do that is typically by contacting the DMV Mandatory Actions Unit in Sacramento, California and requesting a 1650 waiver, which they have to send to you in your home state.

You fill it out and send it in with a fee to have the suspension lifted and show them that you have the SR-22 insurance. At that point, you’re not going to be driving in California, but they lift the suspension in California, so that your home state doesn’t see that red flag. When your home state sees a conviction for a DUI, they’re going to suspend you at least for the length of time you’re suspended in the other state, and there may be other consequences. It is best to get an attorney in California, who practices DUI law and understands it inside and out.

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