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How Will Marin County Special Team To Prosecute Alcohol And Drug Impaired Driving Cases Impact DUI Cases?

Various counties in California, including Marin County, have a specialized team that helps prosecute alcohol and drug-impaired driving cases. The specialized team is part of a prosecution grant awarded by the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS). The grant provides district attorneys with one or two special prosecutors to work on vertical prosecution. Vertical prosecution means that the prosecutor will have a case from the beginning to the end including the arraignment, negotiating motions, jury trial, and the preliminary hearing. Vertical prosecution also includes felony cases. However, the specialized prosecutors will not prosecute all the types of DUI cases. The specialized prosecutors will handle cases where injuries are involved, drug cases, under 21 and repeat offenders, people who have two or more DUI offenses, and felony DUIs.

The grant was established to help fight DUIs. I have noticed that the district attorney has two prosecutors who are part of the grant team who handle all the special DUI cases. I have also noticed this past year, that a number of other attorneys in the Marin County DAs office, have handled these cases from beginning to end, and it has not been just one or two attorneys.

Approximately 101, 747 DUI cases were filed under the special grant or vertical prosecution team. The state is showing that they will continue to put forth money and effort to help the prosecutors’ offices fight DUIs, which are clearly a major issue and problem facing the state of California and the entire country.

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